30 September 2009

What makes you feel better?

1. A 56 mile hard bike ride where I was the "lead" woman the entire ride. (Let's just not talk about the fact that I started the ride at the same time the triathletes started swimming.) For the first and probably last time I knew what it was like to ride behind the lead motorcycle on the course.

2. Another great track workout where I hit my 800s consistently under my goal. Followed by a great swim workout!

3. Ryan trying to make me not be sick today. "mommy do you feel ok?" No, buddy mommy doesn't feel good. "Mommy, I will get you some coffee that makes me feel better. Yeah coffee and candy, I will get you some."

4. A husband that recognizes I don't feel good and let's me rest while he picks up, cooks dinner, feeds kids and handles bed/bath time.

5. Seeing doggies get along.


Allison Chapple said...

Precious pic!

Those are great things you listed.

Angela and David said...

Coffee and candy. If that didn't work, nothing will make you feel better.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I love your list. All of those things would make me feel good too :)

Unknown said...

Awe, now I get to see what my mischievious "granddog" looks like!

Natalie D said...

aww feel better!! cute things. :)