30 April 2009

Less than two...

days till White Lake. It's been an extremely busy week, so I haven't had much time to blog. I'll catch up tomorrow; it was a Ryan weekend last weekend. Tim and I try to take him places by himself on a regular basis so that he still gets that "mommy, daddy and just Ryan" time in. I think it's helped to keep any jealousy from creeping into the house. And he typically asks why Brayden isn't around "I think Brayden is lost mommy."

So it was a Mudcats baseball game last Friday night and then the Air show at Seymour Johnson Air force base on Saturday. I'll get pics out soon, it was a lot of fun.

As for White Lake, I guess Tim and I are ready...or at least kinda ready. I feel really rested, so that's good...but if I eat another baked potato or pasta I'm going to sweat carbs...and I've only been loading since last night. I guess I like my carbs, but I like the ones like cereal and butter/jelly sandwiches (I know, I know). Oh well. Sickness is 95% gone, well rested, well hydrated and well carbed up...Bring it on.

22 April 2009

Sick and Tired

Literally, I'm sick and I'm tired. I thought it was allergies at first due to the 3 inches of yellow dust covering everything outside; it looks like yellow snow (well not that kind). Started with just itchy left eye and nostril...then stuffy head and congestion. That was almost 2 weeks ago.

So I can't even remember the last time I was sick, but I'm sure it was because Ryan brought the crud home...it's been about 2 years. So how the heck did I get sick when all the boys are healthy right now? Well I should say WERE healthy. I managed to get them all sick. In fact, last week I missed work on Thursday. Literally I slept for 8.5 hours Wednesday night, got up and took the boys to day care, came home and slept for another 4.5 hours, woke up to eat and let the dog out, went back to sleep for another 3 hours till Tim got home with the boys and then got up for dinner. I still went to bed and got another 9.5 hours of sleep Thursday night.

Sounds like a lot of sleep, but I think it helped to keep this cold from getting out of hand. Although I have had a headache for about a week now. I was supposed to start tapering for White Lake 1/2 tomorrow, but due to this cold I started last Thursday. Hopefully the extra week of light work won't hurt me too much. I tried to do my long run on Sunday and couldn' t breath very well at all. Congestion, pollen and hills don't mix well for me. I did manage to squeak out 10 miles, a little shorter than I needed to do...but at least I got something in.

So we're in count down mode. 10 days to race day. I'm ready to race, but very nervous and anxious. This is only my second 1/2 distance and trying to train with two kids, working and keeping a house on the market has been a lot to handle. I've said it before and I have to say it again; training is now more about finding an adequate amount of training time to achieve an acceptable outcome. Any desire to be competitive or even improve my times by a significant margin is definitely something that has to wait a while.

Tim has told me that I'm worrying enough about this race for both of us and he has assured me that 10-11 miles training in hilly north Raleigh is good enough to get me through 13.1 miles of a flat White Lake course...I hope he's right. I guess since he's the runner of the family I'll trust him.

19 April 2009

The last thing you'd expect to hear...

So only 2 days a week do I have to go into the office. Those days start with getting up and dressed, fixing the boys breakfast and drink for the car ride (time saver since I have an hour trip to make and have to be at work by 7:30-8am and I have to wake them at 6:30), breakfast for me and then waking the boys up. After Ryan is up and dressed, we go get Brayden up and dressed and get in the car. I've gotten the routine down to about 30 minutes by doing a lot of the packing the night before.

Thursday I had put Brayden in the car and was lifting Ryan up into the seat (because he didn't feel like climbing in due to being half asleep). This was the first time in 3 months the kid hasn't climbed in by himself. Darn mommy. I hit his butt on the side of the car seat and he started whaling. Ryan is our "sensitive" child. We can already tell that Brayden seems to be a tough boy. Anyway, so Ryan just kept screaming "mommy I hurt myself, I hurt myself." "Ryan, I'm so sorry sweetie. Mommy didn't mean to hurt you. Are you okay?" "No, mommy kiss my bottom."

Uh, seriously I couldn't keep a straight face. It was so funny to me. I busted out laughing, invoking the hardiest belly laugh from Brayden while Ryan sat there and said "No mommy stop laughing at me. I hurt myself...kiss my bottom please." "Well, since you asked so nicely I guess I have to kiss your bottom." "Thank you mommy. My boo-boo is all better."

I'm so glad.

17 April 2009

Should I wake him?/ House

It was Tim's night to lay with Ryan. You'd never guess that he's up at 4:30am to be at work by 5. He's been up there since 7:15 and it's almost 9:15. Hmmm, too cute seeing my man and my first son racked out.

On another note...house update. Our contingency ran out two days ago and we haven't sold our house. So, that beautiful house being built a few months ago now looks like this:
Front Yard
Formal Living/Dining area - walk through to Butler's Pantry/Kitchen
Kitchen Island - Look through Butler's Pantry to Dining and Formal Living
Eat-In breakfast/Family Room off the Kitchen (can see fireplace from first photo of formal Living Room)

So, this will most likely never see the likes of my furniture, my cooking, my kids or my cold feet scraping the floor on winter mornings. Some other couple will get the benefit of our cul-de-sac lot, hard wood floors, granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, tile back splash, tile bathrooms and cushy upstairs carpet. Whatever. I'm not bitter, not in the least. In fact I'm happy that I got to customize this beautiful home for somebody else. It's like an early Christmas present.

I mean seriously, It's not like I've been dreaming about where I'm going to hang things, how our fenced in yard will allow my children years of happiness on lush green grass while I watch them from the kitchen window and I definitely haven't been shopping at Home Goods, Kirklands and other home furnishing stores that could provide new furniture to fill this new place. And it most certainly isn't like we've talked about the "new house" with Ryan at all and he doesn't ask when it's going to be finished every day. It's not like that at all.

Some people dream about their wedding day, their dress, decorations etc. Not me, I've been dreaming about the house my kids would grow up in and this was it...until two days. I'm not bitter...just really really sad and disappointed.

15 April 2009

Bad Hair Day

Again, my night for laying down with Ryan after reading. As I had my eyes closed I had the most precious moment with my first born son...aside from the first time I held him. I felt his little hand touch my forehead and gently rub down my cheek as he said "night night mommy, I wub you very much. Sleep well." I just had to open my eyes and smile at those big blue eyes while tears rolled out of mine.

Obviously he hears this every night from Tim and I, and he always repeats what we say...almost as if saying "okay, okay, I get the picture. It's bed time, now if I say it will you leave me alone?" But tonight it was different, he said it sincerely and without prompting. It touched my soul.

This moment that will undoubtedly be burned into my mind for the rest of my life was followed by "Mommy, it's okay. I'm just having a bad hair day." "What do you mean Ryan?" "My hair is all messed up but it's okay. It's just a bad hair day." Uh, if you guessed he heard that at daycare, you'd be right. Tim had told me that Ryan mentioned this on the way home last night, but I hadn't heard it. So apparently my son's Alfalfa like sprouts were out of control yesterday. Honestly he always looks like he's got a kippah on the back of his head...there's just a patch of hair that's always poofy and bouffant.

12 April 2009

Movies that don't work

So, as I have to use the treadmill in our garage for 90% of my runs, we have a tv out there and movies since it's not connected to cable. I played out Matrix and about 3-4 adam sandler and chris farley movies. Used Forest Gump and The Game; Forest Gump worked great to pound out 8 miles a few weeks ago. The Game, not so much; a little too slow developing to keep your mind off the running machine if you know what I mean.

Last night Tim and I were getting our workouts in late, I think we started around 7pm or later. Tim was wanting to get a long bike session in and I was running. Instead of putting in one of the long training videos we have for the trainer, he put in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. HELLO...definitely a movie that doesn't work for taking your mind off the fact that you are stuck in a stinky garage, running in place at 7:30pm on a Saturday night. Help me please, I had to slow down, take 2 bathroom breaks and even walk to get my 9 miles in. I was wishing for a bridge over deep water and a cinder block around mile 5.

08 April 2009

Can you sleep with me?

This is the phrase Tim and I have heard every night for the last few months after bedtime stories are over and the lights are turned out. So we take turns laying with Ryan for a few minutes before coming down stairs. Tonight was my night.

As I was laying beside Ryan, his body started convulsing...moving up and down and he was making choking sounds. I shot up in the bed and picked him up with my heart pounding out of my chest. I must have scared him because his eyes got really big and he said "mommy, did you hear that? Listen to my hiccups." Good HEAVENS CHILD...he was trying to make himself hiccup. It was cute after I figured out he was breathing and not having a seizure. He kept laughing at himself "I hear my hiccups like this."

Does anyone remember "nic nac patty QUACK" the dog? Ah yes...so as I was being made to say good night to all his stuffed animals I say "...and good night nic nac patty QUACK." "No, no, no mommy, you're silly. Nic nac patty QUACK is a song, we're not singing; we're saying good night." "I'm sorry sweetie I thought that was the doggie's name; what is the doggie's name then?" "Doggie mommy."

Forgive me please, doggie. How could I be so foolish? Good night.

07 April 2009


Tim is my accountability, for many things. But recently I made him promise to hold me accountable for my training in the last few weeks before White Lake. So I was supposed to do a 3 hour ride yesterday when he got home, but all I could muster was 2. I was pretty happy with it though, I averaged 21 mph...this is better by about 3-4 mph from 2 years ago, or really even last summer when I raced so infrequently. But hey, the kids were awake and Tim still needed to get his ride in as well so it was time to get off.

Today we were supposed to go to Master's swim class, as we do every Tuesday night. But when I got off work my legs were tired from the Sunday long run and yesterday's ride...so I tried to convince Tim we should just go to dinner instead. NO SUCH LUCK...Tim said "I thought I was supposed to hold you accountable?" Okay fine, well can we just go get an easy run in then instead of swimming? So that's what we did...we went over to a local park and got some trail running in. It was only 3 miles at a pretty decent pace, but better than not doing anything. Thanks Tim.

Tomorrow calls for an hour of sprint intervals on the trainer and then a 5-6 mile run. I'll probably have to get up early to get it all in before Brayden wakes up, but then again, he had a late night tonight so maybe he'll sleep in...fingers crossed.

06 April 2009

If it were a snake...

it would have bitten him in the rear. I'm usually the absent minded one, forgetting where I put things, not remembering who I've told certain stories so they here a story 5 times OR I move on three steps and they never heard the first part of the story.

Any how, Tim unloaded the car yesterday while I got the kids settled inside and then ready to go run. So this morning at 4:30 when he was charging through the house like a mad man I was completely out of sorts. "Tim, what are you looking for?"..."My wallet". So I got out of bed after he decided he couldn't be late for work and walked through the house to try and look for his wallet...it was destroyed. Couch cushions tossed, bags thrown around. I couldn't find the wallet so I went back to bed.

Ryan woke up and came downstairs to get me and we went to the kitchen to make breakfast. "Ryan, do you want to help mommy find daddy's wallet." And without missing a beat..."Here is daddy's wallet." Sitting right on the coffee table. Plain as day...found by a 2.5 year old. Sweet.

I ended up doing 8 miles yesterday back here in Raleigh, the kids were just to "spent" to try and do it at the beach. I must say that I would have preferred the flat ground and slight breeze at the beach much more than the rolling hills and stagnant air of the piedmont. Oh well. I've got a 3 hour ride this afternoon when Tim gets home. At this point I'm feeling relatively confident (satisfied more so) with my level of fitness for the swim and bike....but not so much the run.

05 April 2009

First Tri at the Beach

Tim and I came to North Topsail Island this weekend so he could race in the Wilmington Athletic Club Triathlon. It's a small sprint to get him "in the mood" so to speak. I'm actually not racing before White Lake 1/2...I may do my own "sprint" 2 weeks prior but I'm not paying to race.

Tim's parents have a condo, so they're letting us stay here for the weekend. Ryan was very excited about being able to watch daddy race this weekend...but last night turned south fast. Brayden only slept for about 30 minutes yesterday from the time he woke up at 6:45am until he finally went to sleep around 7:45pm. New places do that to him. Then I was up 4 or 5 times last night because he couldn't breathe. Little guy is pretty goopy today. So when Tim got up to leave at 6:15 I had to decline the trip, better not to take Brayden out in 53 degree windy beach weather. So instead I'm watching "handy manny" eating cheerios and blogging.

Hope Tim's doing well and feels okay when he's done because I've got a 9 mile run to get in before we head home.

03 April 2009

The younger you start em' the better they are

We decided to enroll Ryan in "Little Kickers" soccer classes. They meet every Friday morning for an hour for 8 weeks. We thought he'd get a kick out of it, literally, and so far he absolutely loves "kicking soccer with my soccer team". At this point it's only about exposing them to basic balance, ball handling and the cones. I guess they do stuff with the cones so that the kids get used to them being on the field and won't play with them later.

This "little thumper" class is for kids 2-3 years old...they actually have "bunnies" classes for kids 18-24 months. I thought that was crazy because the 2 yr. olds can't pay attention as it is so I just couldn't image an 18 month old doing this...until today.

So I take the boys to the sportsplex and Tim meets us there (takes his break to come over and play). Brayden and I normally play on a different part of the field with the cones and extra balls...mostly he just crawls around and watches the kids, but today he had something different in mind. He was picking up the ball, throwing/rolling it, then crawling after it. He was mimicking the kids kicking the ball. So I held his hands so he could walk to the ball and he was actually kicking at it! HOLY CRAP. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the standing kicks because it's hard to take a pic with both hands helping the little guy walk..but I guess we're going to have to enroll him in the 18 month class when we can.

Too bad they don't have classes for 12-15 month olds. Hmm

01 April 2009

Out of Touch

Wow, I just realized I haven't blogged in almost a week. It's been crazy busy around here lately...training, house, kids, training, kids, kids oh and kids. Free time is spent doing dishes, folding laundry that's been in the dryer for 4 days while I wash 3 more loads only to leave the last load in the dryer for 4 days, putting said clothes away, cleaning house on the off chance we'll get a visitor and taking 20 minutes to use the bathroom and eat. There is no rest for the weary.

I had a great bike training week last week, my running suffered for it though. I took the weekend off to let my legs rest only to be back at it on Monday. I'm focusing on running and swimming this week. Speaking of which....long course or short course? Anyone have a preference? I'm torn. We usually have to swim short course due to all the swim teams and such around here, but last night at Master's class they had long course. I love it because it gives you a better feel for swimming continuous...but it's got a draw back. I kept trying to hit my 50's on 45 sec to get 15 sec rest in between and was having trouble. I thought my night was just going badly...always gonna have a bad workout every now and then. The fastest I managed to get my 50's was 50 seconds. We got done doing the 3000 and my shoulders were DONE after all the pulls we did.

In the car on the way home Tim said "man, meters sure does make a difference doesn't it?" HOLY CRAP...hello, it dawned on me that long course is meters and short course is yards. No wonder...if only I could still blame it on hair color (no offense, I was blonde when I was younger). So we typically do 3000 yards, but by doing 3000 meters I think it's something like 3300 yards...who would have known that 300 yards can make that much of a difference. Oh well, like I said, I do enjoy the long course.

Only 5 weeks till White Lake Half...so only about 3.5 weeks left of solid training. Oh boy.