26 February 2011

Flu infected house and running

So Ryan was the first to catch it, about 3 weeks ago. We thought it was a common cold and by the time we took him to the doctor, it was too late to give him tamiflu...poor guy had to suffer through it some kind of awful for about a week.

Next was Tim, it knocked him down for about 4 days or so that same week that Ryan was sick. From Tim it moved to Brayden. We saw it day 1 and were at the dr. office and managed a prescription for Tamiflu. It was amazing the difference it made. He was still sick, but it wasn't the bed ridden horrible mess that Ryan and Tim had. All the while, I was pounding my prenatals, B complex and Emergen-C. On top of that I was trying to stay "away" from them all, but it's hard when all they want is mommy when they are sick...and how do you say "no".

So we were two weeks into the infected house and I was still "healthy"...that was Saturday night. Sunday morning, I woke up not feeling completely normal but still ok by my standards. Then Monday morning rolled around and I knew it had gotten to me. I tried to go to work and I managed all of 2.5 hours of work before I just looked at my manager and said "I have the flu, I need to go home". Yes, please leave...and I was walking away from my desk (no more than 5 steps mind you) I heard the Lysol can being sprayed.

When I got home, Tim was there with Brayden. I just went upstairs and zonked out; dr. wouldn't let me take anything but extra strength tylenol to control fever. I was a zombie for two days straight, well really for 5 days straight but at least I got out of bed after two days. So it moved into the chest and sinuses and I've been battling that for a week now. I actually disinfected the house so hopefully this crap is gone from us.

I've tried working out sporadically and it does seem to help to move the mucus out it just drains me physically. I've felt a ton better for a couple of days so I told Tim we should do this local 5K this morning. It was nice to be outside in the fresh air. So I'm sitting in the back of the crowd just chugging along at my easy pace. Baby wasn't cooperating initially, just decided to position itself really low in the pelvis and it was very uncomfortable. After about 1/2 mile, the baby moved position and my pelvis didn't feel like it was about to rip in half, so that made the rest of the run mostly comfortable. I actually came across right at a 10 min/mile; I was very surprised at that. It felt like I was doing about 12 or 13/mile.

Post run, things are a little tight and tender for the first few steps, but overall it feels good. I started wearing this belly band thing I found at Motherhood. I wish I would have know or found this thing during the first two pregnancies. It's made a world of difference with the running. It keeps they belly from bouncing too much and gives the back some extra support....it has even helped with the incontinence issue I was having previously from running.

So 22 weeks in and everything is going well. Aside from one irregular urine screen which led to an early and extra glucose test, things are going well. I'm over the hump and we're going to be so busy now that Tim is "in race season" that the last 18 weeks should fly by.

19 February 2011

Dinner Conversations

I realize the last two post are about conversations, but geez, out of the mouth of babes I suppose. Usually our dinner conversations, when we all eat together, consist of "how was your day", "what did you talk about at school", "you need to sit down while you eat", "don't poke your brother with your fork", "if you're playing that means you're done"....those sorts of things.

And the responses that follow are very simple "good, busy", "friends, the letter 'R'", "I am sitting", "he poked me first" or "I'm done".

Truth be told, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, especially knowing how I was raised where family dinners were so important and regular...but we hardly ever have family dinners. One of us is either working, the other is making dinner on the fly, we're not even home, or if we are the kids are eating while we are cleaning up or working. We are victims to our own busy schedules. It's something that needs to change I know, but it just hasn't yet. No excuses.

Well tonight, Brayden was asking his usual "more please". The kid can honestly eat more than I do in a day. As I tell him to finish what's on his plate first, he starts crying because he dropped part of his dinner on the floor and the dog (Bowden) ate it. "Bowden, you give that back to me now."

Brayden, he can't give it back. He ate it.
"Mommy, he can give it back, he doesn't have a belly to put it in."
Well, where does food go then when he eats it?
"He pees it out"
So where does food go when you eat it?
"To my belly, then I pee."
So Bowden doesn't have a belly?
"No, no belly."

I never knew...mouth to pee with one bite. If only. Maybe we should be having more family dinners to discuss such things in more detail.

13 February 2011

Morning conversations

Well we're a week into this flu at our house, so Ryan and Tim have both had it and are recovering now and yesterday marked Day 1 for Brayden. Luckily we got him to the doctor in time to get some Tamiflu. I've been unusually tired lately so I was hoping that the boys would sleep late since they are both still not feeling well.

I was wrong. At 6:45, they come marching into our room wanting orange juice and to crawl in bed. Ryan cozied up next to Tim, Brayden laid next to me and they both acted as if they would fall back asleep. After what I wished was more than 60 seconds the conversation began at a barely audible volume....a very soft whisper then slowly turning into a shouting match. That's very typical for our house unfortunately. The loudest is the best, or so they think.

Ryan: hey brayden, are you sick now too?
Brayden: Yeah, daddy took me to the doctor and I got medicine....Ryan is those spaceships on your pjs?
Ryan: Yeah, spaceships that glow. I hope you don't get sick like me...that was yucky sick.
Brayden: Yucky sick! Ewww, but I got medicine
Ryan: Well I took medicine and it made me more sick.
Brayden: More Sick? Ryyyaaannn. OH No. I don't want more sick.
Brayden: UH OH, I don't like that.
Mommy: Boys, let's keep it quiet please. We don't need to yell.
Ryan and Brayden (in unison): OK, mommy, we'll try
Ryan: Brayden we have to be quiet so we can sleep
Brayden: No, it's wake up time it's not sleep time....SEE I SHOW You the SUN.

At that point it was a lost cause, just get up...go down stairs and make pancakes. It was wake up time for goodness sake.

06 February 2011

Motivated to Ride

Well, truth is that I've never gotten back to my "normal" exercise routine since the IM and through the first 1/2 of this pregnancy, but you know what the motivation is now to get out of this house and head to the gym for a 2hr spin class....

A germ infested house. Ryan and Brayden have been little snot factories for about 2 weeks now, and it's come to a head with ryan this morning. His fever is 101, tummy hurting, eyes red and watery, red ears, shaking from lack of food because he's not hungry and feeling cold. Yup, I've done the mommy job all morning and before I get another cough or sneeze in the face, I need to get out of here for some "normal" sweaty, musty air at the gym. I suppose the increased surface area of my thighs should also be motivation but whatever.

At the same time, I'm watching Brayden wipe yellowish snot across his face and I'm listening to Tim constantly suck snot back into his body. My super vitamins are only super to an extent. I need a germinator in here. I need to bleach every surface of this house and send them all away for a week.

Errggg, I feel bad for my boys but good grief if I get sick I'm going to loose my mind. I'm already dealing with a nose that is forever stuffy and a scratchy throat. Time to spin this mess out of my body.