16 March 2011

What's that you said?

Holy crap, it's been 2 months since my last blog post...I guess things got busy around here. In fact, my Internet time, when not at work, is limited to maybe 30 minutes a week these days. Too much to do. I'm 2 months out from the due date, but Tim and I are still plotting every ER/hospital from here to Cambridge for Eagleman...

So here's some funny and surprising things I've heard since the last post:

Ryan: Mommy, how are you going to get that baby out of your tummy?
Me: Well?, a doctor is going to help mommy push it out.
Ryan: Um, since you don't have a penis, how are you going to push it out?
Me: Uh? Well? Hmmmm...
Ryan: I guess you got some pipes in there to help, huh?
Me: Exactly.

Ryan:Where is daddy tonight?
Me: He's out playing poker with his friends.
Ryan: Is he at is boyfriends house?
Me (laughing hysterically)...yes, yes he is.

Brayden:When can I play with the baby?
Me: A few more weeks buddy.
Brayden: well let's dance now (as he tries to shake my belly vigorously)

Not so funny
Co-worker: You sure are looking pretty hippy Angela.
Me: ??? (blank stare)
Co-worker: Girl, your hips are spreading

Side not to above- Tim laughed at this thinking they were calling me a hippie and not that my hips were getting wide. Still not funny. I don't care if you are a woman and have kids or if you are a friend, you don't call attention to the changing body parts of a pregnant woman...your line should always be "You look great"

Co-worker:Wow, that got big over the weekend.
Me: thanks.

Dr.: you shouldn't be concerned about your weight gain, it's normal and we're not concerned.
Me: but I'm eating healthy, not a lot and exercising...I don't understand (yes even after 3 I don't get it)
Dr: well you are a big girl to begin with
Me:???? with a "oh no you didn't just say that" stare
Dr.:a taller girl is what I meant, and you have big babies, so don't worry about it

Nurse: It's nice to see a woman with a nice butt to grab onto
Me: What?!
Nurse: well normally the pregnant women I get in here for this shot are like little toothpicks...you got some good meat on you girl, your husband must like that.
Me: well I guess so since this is the third (said a little uncomfortably)
Nurse: (still grabbing my @$$ and shaking it) Yeah, that's nice, real nice.
Me: Can I pull my pants up now.
Nurse: I just need to work this medicine in a little more
Me: I think I can take care of that, thanks.

Note: the above was during an office visit to get my rhogam shot. The other two pregnancies they let me get this shot in my arm, but for some reason she insisted on putting this one in my buttocks. Not a fan, not a fan at all.