24 November 2010

In the nick of time

Ever had just one of those days....you want to scream, curse, pull your hair out, slap somebody and throw everything around you out of the window, or perhaps even set your desk on fire?

Ah, Monday was that day for me. I don't know what it was, but nothing went right. From the time I got up with the boys, daycare drop off, work, cleaning up other people's mess, work, dealing with angry sponsors, oh and more work....I was starting to flip my lid. I was mumbling obscenities under my breath (perhaps not quietly enough since a co-worker asked if I was ok) and just had enough.

I wanted to cry, scream, jump up and down and wave my arms frantically. So when it was close enough to "go home" time, I left. And when I got in my car, thinking things just couldn't get any worse on this crapity crap crap day...I started my car. And guess what happened? The mother of all good things....Christmas music was playing on the radio.

Pheww. Now, I believe that you should enjoy one holiday at a time. I don't like the commercialization that has gotten worse over the years. Our family celebrates halloween, then thanksgiving and then only after that day of stuffing do we get out decorations and get ready for Christmas. But this radio station started playing Christmas music 24/7 on Monday and it saved me.

Christmas is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Perhaps the greatest, fondest memories of my childhood are from a warm house smelling of pumpkin, turkey, stuffing, macarrons, chocolate peanut butter cookies, red velvet cake, german chocolate cake...the list can go on and on. The sound of The Carpenter's Christmas, Alabama Christmas album...classic music.

The big family dinners in Florida when we all got up early to help Mooma with "dinner"; secretly we were just hoping she would let us help so we could sample the goodness a little earlier than everybody else. The family movie night that only consisted of a Muppet Christmas Carol (great movie), and falling asleep to colored lights outside the bedroom window. I miss the anxiousness of Christmas Eve, wondering what Santa would be bringing...even as I grew older and Santa was no longer a magical happy fat old man, but two loving parents trying to keep the spirit alive. I loved that so much, I miss it.

Now I find myself trying to recreate that feeling of comfort, wonder and excitement for my family. I love it...so I will enjoy the early Christmas music every morning in the car (regardless of the "mommy what's that noise" questions from the back seat), enjoy it every afternoon on the way home (great relaxing), soak up the lights, be amazed by the multitude of trees, and absorb every smell...this is my time of year. Hopefully one day my children will feel the same warmth and love.

03 November 2010

Gautreau projects

Let's see. There's so much time now that I don't know what to do with myself...well I do but it's almost like I want to get it all done right now.

1. Goal is to get Ryan bathing himself at night. He's already pretty self sufficient and dresses himself, can brush his own teeth (satisfactorily), uses the bathroom by himself, can feed the dogs and let them out...now it's just bath time and fixing his own food. Although it'll be a while on the food, the kid can't reach very much in the pantry or fridge.
2. Get Brayden potty trained. This one is going to take a while. He's in the "play" mode right now with potty training. I didn't know there was such a stage when we went through it with Ryan, but there is. He's already trying to put clothes on by himself and helps Ryan feed the dogs.

3. My Christmas present from my parents this year are chair rails throughout downstairs. So I've got to finish painting them and the walls. If I'm really motivated, I'll paint the rest of the trim while I'm at it, but that's a lot.

4. There are actually 2 more house projects in the works, but I can't post them...it's too close to Christmas and I don't want to ruin Tim's present.

5. Get back to at least 4-5 days of regular exercise per week. I'm still slacking post IM.

6. We've instituted family dinners. Not just Tim, the boys and myself, but real family dinners. Every other Sunday (starting this week), my parents, Tim's parents, cousin Madison and Aunt Jen along with us of course will all bring a dish and enjoy family time. Talking, eating and maybe some games. I thought it would be fun, so what the heck.

7. Perhaps baby #3. We're still thinking.

Boring blog due to nothing going on in my life other than work. I'm glad it waited till after IM to get busy at work...couldn't have done it otherwise.