31 May 2009

Can I get an Amen!

Let me hear it....AMEN!!!

1. Tim and I went for a trail run at Umpstead Park. I got about 5.7 miles in at about 8:46 pace. I don't run on trails and in fact the "trail" races I've done are on trails that are very hard packed, wide enough for 2 cars, no roots, no rocks and relatively flat. So this run was completely the opposite for me. Narrow, hilly, rocky, rooty (tooty fresh and fruity). I was pleased with the effort. But what it really made me realize is that for years of coaching volleyball, I had told parents that there is no need for their girls to wear ankle braces. They eventually make your ankles weaker due to always depending on alternate support.

In 10 years of playing I only ever taped my ankle once (the first bad sprain). Granted, I did have to wear an air cast for a weak for one sprain many years later, but that's not the point. The point is this, for all the pain of the rolled ankles, bruised ankles, swollen ankles, sprained ankles and not wearing ankle braces, I finally truly believe now what I had been telling those parents. Had it not been for the strength of my ankles due to volleyball, I would have walked out of that trail Saturday with a broken ankle and all scratched up. I must have rolled my ankles a dozen times if I did it once. And that is why I don't run trails. But any how, thank you volleyball! Amen.

2. Saturday after said run mentioned above, Tim and I stopped at a gas station. Tim left his wallet on the top of the car as we drove off and about 2 miles down the road remembered he had done so. Literally 6-7 minutes later we were back at the gas station and the wallet was no where to be found. After getting home, Tim called and canceled all the cards when I noticed a voicemail. The gentleman who found his wallet had already called and left a message. We met him back at the gas station to retrieve said wallet...it had everything (money included) in it! We paid the guy for bringing it back fully loaded. There are still honest people out there!!! Amen.

3. We finally sold the house!!!! We had a couple come by Friday night at 7pm and put an offer in Saturday. The initial paper worked is signed as of today and closing is set for July 15th I think. AMEN. Here's to positive thinking (Rebecca) that the inspection will go well.

Now let the house hunting begin! Amen.

27 May 2009

Wii have a random post

So I thought Tim and I would be obsessed, I was mistaken. Of all the people, my not even 3-year old son can play the golf game like a pro. check out that swing! By the end of the 30 minutes he played, he was making par. He was bowling better than I was. And moving on to baseball...well let's not and say we did. Golf was by far his favorite. Needless to say, I was always one who swore that my kids wouldn't be addicted to video games. Never say never.

Brayden clapping because he successfully stabbed a piece of chicken with his fork and made it to his mouth. He consequently threw the fork down to clap.

Brayden and his Linus blanket...The kid doesn't go anywhere without it. And of course the "clapper" He's thrilled with the clapper. He's only been walking for about a month now and he's already trying to run to keep up with Ryan...stiff legged of course. At least his arms are no longer over his head to walk.
Ryan trying to show me is "break dancing". Not sure where he learned about break dancing unless it was on Yo gaba gaba.
His try at the "worm"

25 May 2009

Wii are so cool

Oh yes. Wii now have a Wii. Well, technically it was a birthday present for Tim from me, the kids, my parents, his parents, his sister and my sister. He had mentioned wanting one for Christmas but I thought he was kidding...apparently not. So as I type, he is playing all the games that came with the unit. Jen got him another game, NCAA football. So I'm sure that will make it out of the case before too long.

In other news. For Memorial Weekend, Tim's parents came into town Saturday and watched the boys for us so we could go celebrate Bri's birthday. It was nice to get out and attempt to be social, I'm not that good at being social. But we met some really nice people and actually may have met a couple we can try some adventure races with, so that would be cool. After the party we headed out to watch UFC, thankfully both Matt Hughes and Lyoto Machida won their fights...I'm so glad that Rashaad Evans lost, he was a bit too full of himself.

Sunday was quiet around the house as it was a little rainy out. Then this morning was a two hour master's swim class. I got mom and dad to watch the boys for a little while so I could go get a good swim in. They were planning to try and get 5000m in, I had to stop after 4. I'll take it though, it's more than I normally do and the only reason I had to stop was because my shoulder really started to bother me. Energy wise I was feeling alright.

And wait for it...the NCAA football game is being played. And if anyone knows Tim, you know that he's playing FSU vs. UF....he's predictable that way. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

22 May 2009


Tim and I were talking tonight about how different life is with kids. How your expectations and perceptions change. It all stemmed from a comment I made right after Brayden was born "You didn't even cry this time." this was said in response to Tim comment of "You're acting like you didn't know what was going to happen."

It's not that I didn't know what was going to happen, it was the fact of welcoming a new member to the family, meeting my son for the first time and being overwhelmed by emotion; regardless of having had the experience of child birth before.

I remember it with Ryan, being surreal and I was almost in a state of denial that it was happening. I cried out of fear of what was happening or could happen. With Brayden, I cried out of joy, there was no fear the second time. After Ryan was born, every step was cautious, everything I ate was for another cause. Every word I said, the tone I used...was I doing anything or everything right. Because that's how we feel as first time mothers. Regardless of if it's text book, we feel that we have to be the best for our child. Tim said that or expectations were so high with Ryan...and now with Brayden we're just saying "ah, whatever, we've got this". Hearing Tim say this got me thinking.

The first one is different. We're learning as we go, it's as new for us as it is for them. It's almost like the first one is the one that teaches us it's okay to let some things go, to relax about dirty socks, bumped heads and skinned knees, messy floors from spaghetti, eating food off the ground, letting them share food with the dog...etc. And the children that come after the first, well they reap the benefit of our education. Quite honestly, they have an easier time.

It makes me feel bad for Ryan, guilty almost about how hard I am on him sometimes, for the expectations I set for him and myself as a mother. The one thing I constantly question was did we get pregnant again too quickly. Should we have let Ryan be "just Ryan" for a little while longer. But one look from Brayden tells me that this family wouldn't be my family without him and he wouldn't be him had we not gotten pregnant when we did.

Ryan is starting to get his long term memory as he is now recalling the fact that he and I carved a pumpkin at Halloween last October. With that, I hope when he's older that he doesn't remember his youth as one of expectations that were too high for him to excel or reach. I hope he doesn't think that Tim and I didn't love him as much as his brother because of those expectations. I hope he realizes that he's teaching us more about being parents, adults and people and life than we could ever possibly teach him. Ryan, mommy loves you more than you will ever know!

If it gets easier with two, I wonder how three will be?

19 May 2009

Dare I try it?

So last year Tim was crazy and did a track race called "ultimate runner". Participants compete in each of the following events throughout the day: mile, 400m, 800m, 100m and 5K. They compile times and the person with the lowest overall time wins. It is CRAZY INSANE. There was a range in age from 14 to 72 that completed the events. Afterward they have dinner and drinks for everyone who finished along with a cool t-shirt of course. The funny thing is that you don't get the t-shirt if you don't finish all the events and then they burn the shirts from the previous year's non-finishers ...yikes talk about incentive.

It wasn't crazy that Tim did this race since he ran track in college, it was crazy that he did it being out of shape and then turned around the next day and did a sprint tri. So he was thinking about doing it again this year; the track race and the tri...and asked me if I wanted to join him. HAHAHA. This resulted in a big belly laugh at work today. I'm not really a runner. I mean, in high school my softball coach gave me the steal signal and when I didn't get thrown out he asked if I had left the day before. Come on, I'm slow but not THAT slow...well maybe close to that slow.

After I got done laughing, I thought "hey I'll do the tri with him". It's a super short sprint so nothing more than a good training day. Sure, why not. So tell me why I'm considering doing this track race. If it weren't for the fact that I'd just be starting my last lap in the mile well after the top female runners had finished, cooled down and left the stadium I might have signed up already. Forget it.

17 May 2009

Weekend of Firsts

We went to spent the weekend at Tim's parents' (Nina and Papa) condo again down at Topsail Island. My parents joined us, so it was most of the family. Tim and I took our bikes and wetsuits so we could get some training in.

1. Saturday was Surf and Turf Tri so we biked the 12.8 miles to the site to watch. We wanted to average 22mph but the headwind and the fact that both of us were tired (6:45 am) made it much slower...I think 18 to 18.5 was the average with high speed of 21. We both said "whatever" and watched a great race. Sokolofsky lost his 1.5 minute lead out of the water on the first 2 mile run...GONE. It was Tom Clifford, the third swimmer in that caught him coming into the transition for the second bike split and he let Sokolofsky go ahead because he knew he could catch him on the second run...and he did. Tom came in 10 seconds off the second bike and beat Sokolofsky by 29 seconds. Awesome race. Very similar results for the woman's race too...1.5 to 2 minute lead gone at the end of the first run. Amazing racing. So we biked home...this time average of 22.8 with a high of 25.5 mph. honestly the only way I was able to maintain this was the fact that I was hugging Tim's back tire. Thanks Jo.

Lesson: I used to ride outside before Tim and I got married, but since the kids have come along, the trainer is really the only riding I get in. But I know there is absolutely NO substitute for riding outside. So I've only done maybe 3 or 4 group rides in my cycling career (4 years) and this one (although do 2 people qualify as a group?) just reiterated what I already knew...pacing is everything and I need to ride outside with my husband more often. My first time averaging over 20mph on the bike! I can do it if I pace myself properly in the beginning.

2. Ryan and Brayden's first time fishing...will post pics once we get them from Nina and papa. It was great. Well until the rain and Brayden's tantrum but it was cute to watch Ryan fish. Ryan went on a boat ride last summer but this was Brayden's first boat ride as well.

3. My first ever ocean swim in my swimming career (4 years). I've refused to do them because of my ridiculous fear of ocean creatures and dislike of salt water. After watching the Surf and Turf Tri and seeing some of the participants brave the 3 foot waves I decided, with some persuasion from Tim, that I needed to give it a go. So we put the suits on later Saturday afternoon and jumped in. I'm sure the two wedding parties getting married on the beach thought we were nuts, as the water was still pretty choppy but I had to try. It was actually fun to go up and down with the waves to a certain degree. But I can understand how ocean swims could make a person sea sick. Only got swiped by waves a few times when trying to breathe. It was more effort than I thought and there was no visibility past a few inches but I'm okay with it or I better be since the 1/2 IM in November is a salt water swim. I'm kinda glad I couldn't see anything though.

13 May 2009


I remember growing up in Jacksonville FL, we had a huge patch of honeysuckle behind our back fence. My sister, my friends and I used to grab it off the bush and suck it dry. I LOVED IT! So the weather here has been so beautiful the past week or so and I was actually able to run after work Tuesday. While running my first lap around the trail, I smelt the slightest hint of the honeysuckle and realized it lined almost every inch of my 2.13 mile loop. It was refreshing. Like playing outside when I was 7 again.

It really must have taken my mind off things because I looked down to realize I was running 8:15 pace for that lap. Crazy for me. Prior to White Lake 1/2 I was training at a 9 min. pace. So I went with it...kept pushing and by the time I was near the end of the 3.26 miles...I got another smell of the honeysuckle and wanted to puke! Oh dear, so there is only so much sweetness one can handle I suppose. But I did end my run in 26.48 for 3.26...feeling pretty good.

Tim and I both got in to the Wilmington Beach2Battleship 1/2 IM in November...so due to crazy house stuff and crazy Tim stuff I'll likely take the summer easy on racing. Actually I'll probably only do 2 or 3 tri's between now and November. Maybe I can get some road races in.

Happy Training everyone.

11 May 2009


So I was off by an inch...Brayden was only 32.5 inches but he's still a long, lean little booger.

Anyhow. Here are some pics from Ryan's weekend at the Mudcats baseball game and the airshow. And then just a few more recent photos of Brayden. Enjoy.

Our seats

"Way to go Soccer Players. yeah Baseball players, that's what I said mom."

Meeting Muddy

Police Helicopter

Long Day

Using Mommy's hand as a pillow

Playing with legos waiting to take 1yr. pics...snotty face and all!

10 May 2009

Happy Birthday Brayden

A year ago today, after 2.5 hours of labor and three pushes at 7:33am, Brayden Christopher entered our family at 8lb.8oz. and 21 inches. Over the past year I have had the honor of watching my second son blossom in personality and give his older brother a run for the money so to speak. Brayden is loving, funny, adventurous, patient, daring and tough. Everything you would imagine a little boy to be.

We go to the doctor tomorrow, but over the past year he's grown so much. Unofficial numbers: 23lbs and 33.5 inches. His hair is still auburn colored, thin and silky soft. His eyes are not as blue as they were unfortunately, but they are not brown...hazel is a better description I suppose and they will without a doubt break hearts in years to come. He started walking about 2 weeks ago and reminds me of a zombie with his long arms held straight up in the air to try and counterbalance his weight. He's saying mama, dada, bye-bye (and waving) and mumbling other untranslatable words.

Our celebration was a small family gathering with Grandma and Grandpa Barnes, Nina and Papa Gautreau, Aunt Jen and cousin Madison, and Jen, Bryan and Izzy Woodbury. Ryan got almost as many presents as Brayden did, but I guess when you have two that's how it goes so nobody feels left out. We enjoyed cake and ice cream, playing outside and good company. Pretty low key. I'm pretty sure this will be the last one of that nature, as Ryan's 3 year party will be the first "friend" party. I like the small ones myself. I'm not such a social butterfly.

Happy Birthday baby boy...mommy, daddy and Ryan love you very much!

07 May 2009

Just doing my job

This has been Ryan's slogan for the last two weeks. I don't know where he picked it up but it's too funny. My sister (Trudy) sent us a huge box filled with framed pictures that were wrapped in bubble wrap and styrofoam. Ryan had a field day playing with it all. We used the styrofoam as fishing poles and the box as a boat...after all it's "Not a box" (a great book for little kids mommies). We played spaceship and race cars. It was great.

After all the fun, I told Ryan we had to clean up the mess. So I got trash bags and we sang the "clean up" song (every one of you should know this song, if you don't you will soon). Two bags full of bubble wrap and styrofoam and Ryan insisted on helping me take them to the garage. "Ryan, thank you for helping mommy clean up the mess. That's a good job buddy." "No problem mom, I'm just doing my job." HA! It's like that when he puts his cup in the sink, clothes thrown on the floor, pulling toilet paper off the roll around the entire first floor..."just doing my job mom, just doing my job."

So this morning I had to get a small splinter or cactus prick out of his heel before we put shoes on for school. "Thanks for fixing my boo boo mommy." "you're welcome Ryan." "it's all better now, thanks for doing your job."

Pancake maker, butt wiper, snot sucker outer, dish washer, clothes folder, Tim nagger, railroad track builder, boo boo fixer, diaper changer, tear wiper, joke laugher, floor sweeper/moper, bad hair day comber, infrequent blogger, Tim lover, bubble blower, play-dough roller, ball kicker, catch helper, splinter getter-outer, bed tucker-inner, dog washer, bike rider teacher, monster hugger and kiss getter. Just doing my job.

I'm sure there's tons I'm leaving out, but what a great job I have to do! I must be the luckiest mom and wife ever.

04 May 2009

White Lake1/2 IM - Take Two

2007: Freezing cold water...no wet suit, I can' t feel my extremities. Just keep moving your arms, breathe, sight, keep going. There's the orange man. What's that??? My lips are blue? Great, not what I need to know before this ride. Wow, this feels alright. Not too bad. Only two water bottles, hmmm I don't have room for another bottle, what did I eat for breakfast again? Oh yeah, nothing. Back is hurting, it's only mile 30...35...40...need to get off this bike and stretch out...45, 50...will these last 6 miles ever end? Heck yeah, I'm done with the bike....whoa! Crap, I thought I unclipped by shoe, I guess not...yeah I'm okay I'm just freaking tired. thanks. What have I done? Why am I doing this? I can' t move another step. All I feel is salt on my face, that's not good. I need more fluids. Crap, only there is none, I'm bringing up the rear...stupid goal. Stupid triathlon, stupid me for thinking I should do this. What was I thinking. Ah, the end...there's mom, dad, Tim and Ryan...holy crap shoot me if I ever mention doing this again.

02 May 2009: 76 degree water...not too bad.
5:40 am - Alarm goes off
6 am - Packed, dressed and on the bike with Tim to ride to the race site
6:50 am - ready to go and doing a quick warm up swim then a quick good luck kiss for Tim
7:20 am - Horn goes off and I start my swim (in my wetsuit this time!) No blue lips, a bit choppy in the water, pass a handful of guys from the wave in front of me...and then from two waves in front of me...woo hoo Angela. Get to the beloved orange man to climb out of the lake, go to take a step and both calves lock up and I fall down...nothing bad, just stretch out and keep trucking.
T1: Wetsuit comes off way easy, bike shoes on, take a deep breath and a couple bites of cliff bar..get going
Bike - Feeling great. Making myself drink my calories every 10 minutes. Maintained a 20mph pace through 25 miles. About mile 15 a pretty yucky head wind started up and by mile 25 it started to take its toll. I couldn't maintain 20mph any longer. Lost one of my bottles around mile 25 but didn't matter since I had extra cages this time and just picked up water at the hand off. Mile 35, starting to get stiff...standing to pedal, trying to focus and not tighten up. Mile 45...why on earth am I getting this tight...I've been doing long rides, I've been training...what is going on? Mile 53...stinking bike, I don't want to see this taxi again for weeks!
T2: No falling on the dismount this year. I feel good. Down some fluids...put on some socks and let's go.
Run: Wow, legs actually feel good. Hey people calling my name...woo hoo. I can do this. I'm actually sweating water and not just salt. Nutrition gone well so far. Keep this up. Mile 1 have to pee but port-o-john is occupied...keep going. Mile 2, stop to refuel and empty the bladder. mile 3, keep trucking...Hey there's a bald sexy guy...let's give him a kiss...love you Jo. Mile 4 walk through aid station, oranges and water. Met a woman "Kim" and started running with her. From there, we kept stopping at each aid station to refuel. Miles ticked by. Legs getting harder to restart after every stop though. Mile 13 marker...Tim and Brayden and mom and random woman yelling my name. Tim's mom and Ryan "Go Mommy Go" and then the finish shoot and dad with camera. Heck yeah!!!!

Finish: 6:18:49

This was an improvement of 1 hour and 5 minutes from 2007. 9 minutes on the swim, 24 minutes on the bike, 31 minutes on the run and about 80 seconds in transitions. Considering I completely bonked nutritionally two years ago, this year was great just considering how I felt physically during the entire race. Other than tightening up on the bike, I felt great. I was never dehydrated and only had what I would consider the "to be expected" twinges, aches and pains from the race. My only regret was that I stopped at Mile 4 on the run...and then kept stopping at aid stations. I think I was overly concerned about hydration. Not to mention the woman I started talking to kept stopping so I just said "sure, why not" I'm enjoying this race, the company and the fact that I'm not delirious this time around.

Lessons: Still feel like I could have pushed more on the swim, I never race as fast as I swim in practice don't know why. Bike fitness was better but still need to build my endurance so that I can maintain that 20mph for more than 25 miles...or even so I can maintain it through headwind or slight hills. Run, my fitness was definitely there...I just need to push. Next 1/2 IM I do, I'll likely not stop at the aid stations but just slow down to grab the water and oranges. Next 1/2 IM goal is to be under 6 hrs....easy peasy right?

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words over the last few months! You ladies have given great advice and been so supportive. I absolutely enjoyed this race so much more than 2007, not just because I did better all the way around, but because the support network was so much greater. My parents, Tim's parents, Ryan, Brayden, Marty and Bri, the parking lot woman (don't ask) but most importantly, Tim. He's really done a great deal for my mental preparation for this race although I'm sure he still thinks I'm a nut case. I love you Jo.

What a great weekend. Next year we might be so crazy as to do White Lake 1/2 Saturday and then the sprint on sunday...why the heck not?