26 December 2010

Things that make you go "hmmm".

Well, it's a day late but we've managed to accomplish about 6-7 inches of the white stuff today. So no "White Christmas" but the day after means that family actually stays all day for Christmas and there's no worry of being snowed in. Seriously it only take a few inches here for people to stay in and avoid the roads. We are in the south.

So Tim and I bundled the boys up this morning and attempted a snowman...it was more of a snow duck I have to admit...if I can find the camera I'll get a picture up, but if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that me and pictures don't really go well together, I'm lazy. Any how, our snow duck has a big carrot nose (mini carrot), two blue candy eyes, two very small twig arms (wings) a green scarf and a blue cookie monster knitted had. Priceless.

After the building of said snow duck, we went for a walk in the white stuff. It was only a walk because Tim and I have yet to really admit that purchasing a sled might be worth the 30 bucks it costs. As we were walking around the 1/2 mile loop, we came across a lady that was in her drive way wearing a beat up sweat shirt, pajama bottoms, bedroom slippers and a bandanna. She was walking on her 4 inch snow covered driveway. The only tracks other than hers were from where they had backed the cars out of the drive into the street. She was slowly walking from side to side throwing somthing and I just thought it was weird.

Then it hit me, I recognized the blue round container in her hand with the familiar yellow (or white) girl with an umbrella on the side. Morton's table salt. She was sprinkling morton's table salt on the 4 inches of snow. I guess she though it would help the snow melt? I turned to Tim and said, maybe we should tell her that you're supposed to salt before it snows and with rock salt. #1. I have never heard or seen table salt used to help with snow/ice prior to the white stuff falling and #2. I don't think that it helps when applied on top? Not sure here people but my guess is that she's fighting a futile battle.

So flash forward about 5 hours to this afternoon. Ryan is eating a snack, Brayden and aunt Jen are napping and Tim is braving the roads with a friend. So I get the bright idea to shovel our walkway and driveway. Let us keep in mind that Tim and I have yet to buy a sled so please note that we surely do not own a shovel. Hmmmm, so what can I use that has a flat edge to move the fluffy snow? Let's take a gander in the kitchen closet....broom, no. Dust pan....that's ridiculous, no. Ah, there it is, the swiffer wet jet. I don't use it to mop anymore, no pad, flat bottom, turn it on the side and you have a semi-sharp (for my purposes) edge...yup that's it.

So I go out and remove the snow/ice slush from the walk and drive way and then notice that it's starting to flurry again. Crap. I wish we had some rock salt now. Then it dawns on me, no rock salt but my lovely neighbor gave me the idea so I ran with it. I mean really...I removed all the crud from the driveway so it was a clean slate....better table salt than nothing, right? Heck yeah, I emptied my big blue round container of Morton's all over my driveway and walkway.

Now, I just know that there was some neighbor looking out their window at me saying to their family "is she using a swiffer wet jet to clear the drive?" "I think she is, but what is that she's sprinkling on the drive now honey." "Hmmm, it looks like...no it can't be...it is, it's Morton's table salt...she's crazy."

I am crazy but I'll let you know if it works. I amaze myself.

12 December 2010

June 2011

is going to be a doozy. First let's just get the elephant out of the room, Tim and I will be expecting baby Gautreau #3 then. I had written this whole cryptic post with a "surprise" ending, but decided to just say it instead.

We didn't expect it to happen so quickly but literally the week of IM, BOOM...tada! I knew about 4 weeks in and just prepared myself that maintaining that fitness level was unreasonable given a full time job, two kids and a husband that had just signed up for Eagleman.

Yup, that's the #2 doozy for June 2011; Tim signed up for Eagleman about 2 weeks prior to us figuring out I was pregnant again. So the logistics around that race are already being planned out. I have a history of going early (3 weeks with Ryan and 1 with Brayden) so with Eagleman being 2 weeks before my due date, we're going with the impression that baby #3 will be born while in Cambridge. I'm not missing that race, my doctor's will have to get over it.

So, now that I'm 12 weeks, I'm feeling much better. The nausea and fatigue were worse this time. Can't really say that I think it means maybe a little girl, just because of all the other factors of race recovery, being sick and three crazy boys to chase around. I'm enjoying just exercising for health and not worrying about "training".

Tim already has a ton of races (well relatively speaking) that he has signed up for in 2011. "We" just did a marathon in Charlotte yesterday. I'm actually looking forward to taking a back seat sport wise and providing the support and cheering. Although I told Tim last night I wanted to pick 2 early season tri's to do as a relay with him...just can't get it out of my blood you know. So here's to bringing in the new year, with a new life, a new role and a new attitude.

03 December 2010

Getting back in swing of things

I've finally gotten out of the mild funk I've been in and have decided to be serious about physical activity and healthy eating habits. I guess I'm tired of being a bum and my clothes getting tighter.

I kid you not, it's getting bad. I've been completely slack and when I say that my average weekly training hours went from 14-15 to 1 or 2, please try to hold back the gasps and "holy $h!ts". I know, believe me I know. I just couldn't do it, for whatever reason, I just couldn't...so I didn't.

But now, I'm tired of the dimples appearing in places other than my face and not sleeping well because I'm not tired because I'm not expending any amount of energy during the day that resembles a normal human being. I guess I'm tired of being "normal"...that's what everyone says anyway. "you should take some time to be normal again". But what does that really mean? Lazy? Because normal for me was working out, exercising, training (whatever you choose to call it) at least 6 of the 7 days of the week. That was normal. Normal for me, pre endurance training, was 5-8 hours of aerobic activity a week.

So really, I think what people (those that don't race or exercise regularly) mean to say is "stop making me feel bad about the fact that I don't do what you do, and be like me for a while so I feel better about myself". Is that a fair assessment? Maybe not nice, but fair. And I'm tired of that "normal" life.

Despite the past week being nothing but greasy burgers, salty fries, ice cream, sugary cereal (captain crunch with berries being my favorite) and tons of doritos with salsa (ok so the salsa isn't so bad until you eat the entire jar in one sitting), I'm tired of the junk food. I mean, the taste buds like the junk food, but my body is starting to hate the junk food...I'm all sluggish and mushy and yucky feeling. Heck, I've even broken out with pimples this week...how old am I again?

So I'm done with being normal, lazy, non productive and slack. I think I've tried it for a sufficient enough amount of time to have recovered physically, emotionally and mentally from this past year. Time to get crackin' on being me again. Nothing like trying to do that over the holidays...whatever! You cookie makers, pie bakers and soul food cookers....don't come to my house, leave me alone, I don't want it. Well, maybe just give me a few weeks to get back into my routine, then you can come by....really you can. I take anything chocolate and coconut...or pumpkin flavored or savory warm pastry...crap...I need help.

Somebody, call the food doctor. This is more serious than I thought.