06 February 2011

Motivated to Ride

Well, truth is that I've never gotten back to my "normal" exercise routine since the IM and through the first 1/2 of this pregnancy, but you know what the motivation is now to get out of this house and head to the gym for a 2hr spin class....

A germ infested house. Ryan and Brayden have been little snot factories for about 2 weeks now, and it's come to a head with ryan this morning. His fever is 101, tummy hurting, eyes red and watery, red ears, shaking from lack of food because he's not hungry and feeling cold. Yup, I've done the mommy job all morning and before I get another cough or sneeze in the face, I need to get out of here for some "normal" sweaty, musty air at the gym. I suppose the increased surface area of my thighs should also be motivation but whatever.

At the same time, I'm watching Brayden wipe yellowish snot across his face and I'm listening to Tim constantly suck snot back into his body. My super vitamins are only super to an extent. I need a germinator in here. I need to bleach every surface of this house and send them all away for a week.

Errggg, I feel bad for my boys but good grief if I get sick I'm going to loose my mind. I'm already dealing with a nose that is forever stuffy and a scratchy throat. Time to spin this mess out of my body.

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N.D. said...

hope everyone feels better! get outta there mama!