31 January 2011

And the results are in...

Well, I have to admit that this pregnancy has had we worried from day 1. It was hard to tell in the first 2 months what was going on. The fatigue, the nausea...both "normal" but worse than the previous 2 pregnancies. Then came abdominal cramping and bleeding...nothing that I experienced with Ryan or Brayden. So I was freaked out, called the nurse crying because I thought I was having a miscarriage.

I started having a lot of issues with my blood sugar being low, being extremely dizzy and just feeling weak. I contributed most of this to getting pregnant so soon after IM but I just didn't know. The ultrasound at 9 weeks was "normal" and the heart beat was strong (135 or so). But again, that worried me because everybody says 140 and up is normal and both boys were high (Ryan high 160s and Brayden right at 160).

I started feeling "normal" or actually more like I had with the first two pregnancies around 12-13 weeks..right on schedule right? But then I felt the baby move for the first time around 14 weeks. It's funny how much sooner you feel it after the first pregnancy because you know what it is. Ryan I didn't feel until about 18 wks, Brayden around 15-16 weeks and now this one even sooner. Although I told the dr. it was probably just gas...I didn't want her thinking I was crazy.

With both boys, once I felt them move the first time, it was nonstop until they were born. There was never any doubt they were there or any need for that "kick count" tracking in the third trimester. They were there and they let me know all day...kidneys, stomach, ribs, spleen, bladder, heck sometimes it even felt like they were kicking my throat. But this time...not so much. I feel movement maybe once a day or every other day...it's unsettling almost.

I was so worried last week when we went to the 18 wk ultrasound. But again, all baby's measurements, baby's weight and heart rate (137) and uterus measurement were still "normal". There is just no explanation other than this one is just not a mover I suppose. One explanation they gave for the lack of movement was how low the baby is in the uterus. There's plenty of room in there as my uterus is up to my belly button already, but baby is staying nice and cozy with back firmly planted on my pelvic floor, below my pelvic bone.

For the first time in 3 pregnancies they did however come back with an abnormal urine test last week, which could explain a few things. And they are having me take the glucose test at 20 weeks and 26 weeks this time instead of just the 26 week test. The only explanation I was given was since diabetes was in my family, they should screen earlier...but they didn't do that the first two pregnancies and this is the same practice I've been to all three times. So is there reason for stress or worry, I don't think so...things are just different this time. Not harder or bad, just different.

Tim and I opted out of finding out the sex this time. We probably did it backwards from most, finding out the first two then not this time...but we just wanted to be surprised this time. It's definitely the last time we do this...so why not? Does all of this mean I think it's a girl. I don't know. Sometimes I think "most definitely", then other days I drift back to the idea that is probably just a laid back little boy...after all I have two already...so odds would probably say boy.

The only thing I am sure of is that they say baby is healthy right now, and that's all that matters.


Allison Chapple said...

The old wive's tale would tell you that a lower fetl heartrate = boy, but Baker's was high and he's definitely a boy.

And so you don't feel crazy, I SWEAR I felt movement last night and I am just 13 weeks, 5 days. I keep telling myself it's just gas but it's that exact same fluttery feeling I felt with Baker at first. Maybe we're just more in tune with our bodies in 2nd and 3rd pregnancies.

Hang in there, mama. :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

Hooray for a healthy baby :) Happy to hear that news. So exciting that you are going to wait to find out the sex, I don't think I could ever do that.

N.D. said...

I'm so glad to hear this!love that you are waiting to find out.

lifestudent said...

Surfing around and linked through to you. Sounds like things are ok ... but wishing you luck for the rest of your journey ;)