16 January 2011

2 days and couting

I'm so excited! Wednesday morning at 8:25 am, I will be boarding a plan to California to visit my sister. Her and her husband have lived near San Fransisco since my senior year of college, so we don't get to see each other much; I think it's worked out to about once/year. So it was actually a great treat when they got to come watch me at the IM in Maryland and now I'm getting to see her so soon again afterward.

Being the insightful person that she is, when she found out I was pregnant again, she almost immediately said "you're gonna need time away to chill out...why don't we get together for a long weekend." Cool. Well the plans to meet somewhere neutral didn't really pan out, but then she told me that some friends of hers would let us use their place in Sonoma.

I'm flying out Wednesday morning and staying until Sunday. The thing I love about spending time with my sister is uneventful it is, not in a bad way. It's just that there is no pressure to go sight see or do things, just sit around, talk and relax. We'll probably go out a few times but mostly just hanging out and sleeping a lot. To top it all off, her husband will not be there. He has his own "boys weekend" that he is going to participate in. Not that I mind him being around, but it will just be great girl time. Hmm, that sounds odd considering my sister and I aren't really girly girls, but female time is always needed and appreciated. I'm out numbered right now, way too much testosterone in the house.

I've already got some mommy guilt about leaving Tim with the boys because I know it will impact his training a little and I know it's going to be a lot of work for him. But there's a larger part of me that realizes that I need this break right now. I'm so stressed out and tired and it's affecting my attitude. So 5 days away is probably beneficial for everyone right now. Truth be told, it would probably be a good idea for us to plan another trip away around May before the baby gets here....just a sneaking suspicion that one last break is warranted before another big change, to collect thoughts and gather patience.

I've already gotten comments from co-workers though "what a waste, you're going to Sonoma and can't event drink..I should go for you." Uh, no you shouldn't and bite your tongue people! I'm sure there is plenty else to do for people that choose not to partake in a "tour of wine country". For now, I'm excited for 60 degree weather and sunshine, sleeping as long as I want, no cleaning, no cooking, no responsibility, and no work. Ahhh....2 more days to go.


N.D. said...

These sounds like it is going to be a great trip for you! Enjoy it!

BriGaal said...

have a great time!!

Kate Parker said...

Enjoy! Sounds like heaven!