02 September 2009

Things I will miss

So I started work back full time this week. A necessary evil for moving to a bigger house. Maybe I can convince Tim that when we pay the cars off I can go part-time again???? Just a thought.

So here's what I'm going to miss:
1. Monday/Friday wake up from Ryan hopping into bed and cuddling up to me saying "mommy can we cuddle and watch pinky dinky doo?"
2. Peeking into Brayden's bedroom to see him lifting his shirt and saying to himself "bee bo" or belly button for those of you who might not have read Sandra Boyton's books.
3. All day PJ fest with pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
4. Playing "Not a box".
5. Racing dump trucks with Brayden in the back of them.
6. Wrestling.
7. Taking a nap with my boys.
8. Watching Brayden make the "where did it go" sign while saying "Ah???" every time Ryan walks out of the room.
9. Playing "tag your it" with Ryan
10. Seeing the boys smile and light up when Tim comes home.


Michelle Simmons said...

Sorry you're going to miss that stuff for a while. We're in a similar dilemma (need a bigger house but can't afford to move into one unless I go back to work...)

N.D. said...

aww.. so cute. I am already just stressing about this! I don't want to miss a thing. But I think Its nice you had alot of time w them!!

Angela and David said...

Good luck adjusting to returning to work full time. I can't imagine spending as much time as you have with the boys and adjusting to full time. I'm sure it will get easier over time or maybe you guys will pay the cars off soon!