16 September 2009

By popular demand...

here's another one:

Getting ready for bed tonight...
"Arms up buddy...shirt off. Go pee pee please."
"Um okay mom. Watch this! It's working" (translation - The pee is flowing into the potty)
"Good job. Now let's wash your hands and brush your teeth."
"Um Okie dokie smokie."

I keep waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. As I peer around the corner he's standing on the foot stool admiring his cute little face in the mirror. Making faces at himself, rubbing his chest.

"Um, mommy...these are my nipples. Why do I have little nipples?"
"because you are little."
"No, I'm a big boy."
"you are a big boy, but you are still growing and as you grow even bigger, so will your nipples."
"Um, ok. "

He leans his head downward toward his chest and whispers something while rubbing his nipples some more.

"ryan are you ready for bed now?"
"um yeah mom. My nipples are ready for bed too. I told them they will be big boy nipples some day."


Michelle Simmons said...

Classic. :)

Angela and David said...

I love that you focused on the "little" part of his question as opposed to "why do males have nipples?" Is there an answer to that?

BriGaal said...

Too funny, where does he come up with this stuff?!