09 September 2009

Staying Hydrated

This past weekend, Ryan saw the dead worms on the drive way:

"Mommy, you see those worms."
"yeah buddy"
"Mommy, I want to play with those worms"
"I don't think they can play."
"What's wrong with those worms, mommy?"
"Buddy they are just a little dry. They need water to be able to move and crawl back to the dirt."
"oh. Mommy, I know. Let's go get them a swimming pool. Then they can swim and crawl back to the dirt."
"That's a good idea Ryan but I think they're a little to dehydrated at this point."
"Yeah, you're right mom. Dehydrated."

If it were only as simple as getting them a pool, I could keep him from going through this conversation every time we go out to the car. When it rained the other day he told me "It's raining and the worms can get wet now mommy, let's go play with them."

I think I just need to go sweep them into the grass.


N.D. said...

hahah, too cute!!

Angela and David said...

Those bloated worms always gross me out. I much prefer dehydrated worms.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I LOVE Ryan's stories. This one is adorable.