07 October 2009

Two to Go

That's right, still two more races till my season ends and my mini vacation from sport begins. I've got Pinehurst Olympic distance this weekend. After which, Tim and I are driving to the beach to spend the remainder of the weekend listening to waves crash on an empty shore.

Then I've got 4 weeks until the B2B half IM. So it'll be a concentrated month of October with high hopes for the first weekend of November. I'm excited. I've set all kinds of crazy stupid goals for myself, I just hope I'm able to stay healthy and be strong on race day.

Off season looks like it's going to be "not so off" season, as I'm hoping to really kick my running, swimming and strength training up a notch. Not all at once though. I've decided after I take a few weeks rest, I'm going to focus just on running for about 3 weeks, then swimming for 3 weeks, then biking for 3 weeks. But what I really need is to get my strength training going again. I haven't lifted or done any since around Aug or Sep of 2005. Sad, but true. It's a mental thing with me, maybe I haven't felt good with my racing/performance because I don't feel strong because I'm missing that one piece. I don't know. Maybe I'm making excuses.

No more excuses, that's going to be a new year resolution...starting in November. Whatever, somebody's new year starts in November, right? I mean China's isn't actually January 1st. So I'm declaring my own new year. November (date to be determined), resolutions: no more excuses, no more sugar (candy), lots more Sugar (smooches), and first IM. Sounds like a good year to me.


Alicia Parr said...

I've never been a huge fan of new year's resolutions because goals should be set when it's time, not when the calendar flips.

See you Saturday!

Rebecca DeWire said...

A couple things got my attention: 1) Crazy, stupid goals are the best! I am interested to hear what they are 2) Did I read you are doing an IM in 2010!!!!!!!! That is awesome.

Angela and David said...

My company's new year starts Nov. 1 so there you go. Which IM are doing?

And I feel the same way with weight training, when I don't do it I just don't feel as strong as I'd like.

Mnowac said...

Looking forward to reading about your new year! Good luck in Oct, sounds like a heavy month, you'll rock it I am sure.