12 January 2010

Training vs. Racing

I'm not a training person at all. Don't get me wrong, it feels good and keeps me energized; but I find it very tough mentally. I contribute most of this to the fact that I have absolutely no training partners. I fly solo 100% of the time and that my friends is devastating.

Even when I attend the Tuesday night track sessions, there are other people, but none apparently that run my pace. I mean there are those that are running my pace, but when I've asked several of them if I can run with them...they actually told me no. Who does that? Seriously, are track groups that selective? Wow, get a grip people, we're all out here for the same reasons.

A while back I posted about a friend that I met a few times for long rides on the weekends, but that only lasted for 3 rides if I remember correctly. So no bike partners either. It's frustrating because I don't want to have to slow down too much to get people to train with, but at the same time...I can't keep up with the majority of the people around here. And as for swimming, if you consider the 70-90 year olds that do the water walking in the lanes beside me company, well then I don't even have an argument and should just stop this rant now.

Tim has on occasion tried to run with me and even once we biked together, but it's agonizing for him (or at least I imagine it is) because my 5K pace is still slower than his warm up...so it just doesn't jive well. The bike is marginally better but let's not kid ourselves I just can't keep up with him over a course of any decent distance.

My problem then lies here: To get better, I need to be pushed and quite honestly, there is only so much pushing I can do on my own. I need to be around people who are slightly better than me or at least my same ability level so that we can push off of each other. What's a girl gotta do???? Is there a website or something I can go to for hooking up with training partners? Throw me a bone, somebody please.

And this is why I like racing more than training. In a race, I am surrounded by people; faster, slower, equal and the spectators. I'm never alone in my experience, I'm surrounded by like mind individuals and can pull off of every one's energy, story and motivation; not just my own. Racing rocks, training sucks! :P... Sorry for the sour post.


Michelle Simmons said...

FWIW, I found most of my training partners at races. I made it my goal to leave each race with at least 1 phone number and then committed myself to following up and actually calling that week! I would look around at the people I was finishing near to find the people to start chatting with- figuring that they would be most compatible training-wise. Not all of them work out, but I've managed to find enough over the years to typically find someone to play with! Good luck! I know it is really hard training on your own. Have you considered hiring a coach? At least then you'd have someone who you need to report to regarding your workouts. That was a big help to me last year. ;)

Angela said...

Yeah, I've hired Marty Gaal to coach me thru IM in September. It's good to the accountability, but I'm just missing that companionship during training. I'll need to try your suggestion.

Angela and David said...

I do a lot of my training on my own as well and find it lonely but logistically it's too hard to train with others. Not many people want to meet me at 4 a.m. I have made it my goal this year to run and bike with others. Are there any tri or running clubs in your area? I know the Chicago Tri Club here is incredibly friendly and welcoming of all levels.

In the meantime, it's not ideal but are there any friends that have moved or other virtual friends (maybe even another blogger) that's about your speed that you could set up an arrangement where you hold one another accountable. That's what Abby and I are doing on our year of the bike. We've never even met and don't know how fast the other is but we send each other messages back and forth about what we are doing or should be doing.

BriGaal said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, so here's a belated Happy Birthday!!

We may try and ride outside on Saturday - would you want to go with us? It will be easy, I promise. I wasn't joking when I told you we go nice and easy in the winter. I really need to get back on my bike.

N.D. said...

It would be hard for me to find people too like Angela since I get it done in the a.m. (but not 4am!) I like Mama Simmons idea but I would probably be too shy! Can you do the track work once a week and run with the faster people? Maybe someone would slow their pace just a little bit?