27 January 2010

Little Green Thumb

Today is "Mommy/Ryan Day" as Brayden spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa last night and will not return until lunch time. When asked what he wanted to do today he replied "plant flowers." Uh, well it is the middle of winter and it is cold out but I knew immediately that he would not accept fake flowers or indoor planting...that's just not Ryan. Do it right or don't do it at all is he theory and he's too smart to pull one over on.

So off to Lowes this morning. We found some beautiful dark blood red pansies for our hanging porch baskets and some deep purple/white pansies for the flour beds out front. The next thing out of his smart little mouth "mom, we can't plant flowers without some water, they need water to grow. I think I need this sponge bob watering can." Seriously how do you say no? So we got the watering can. But I stopped him from getting the planting gloves, the spade and the pumpkin seeds...he was on a roll.

The entire car ride home he was so excited about planting his flowers and watering them...but I knew what was about to happen and he didn't let me down. When we got home, he helped with the first one and then sat down and said "I'm so proud of you mom, you're doing such a good job planting my flowers." And he just watched. Well, he kept yelling to the neighborhood "Hey everybody, come look at my pretty flowers." Then he proceeded to sing happy birthday to me at the top of his lungs for 15 minutes while I finished. He hasn't gotten the concept that birthdays are only one day. Oh well, it was fun and he sings really well so how can I complain.

Now he's on his third oatmeal, raisin almond cookie and I've got to hide the rest of them so daddy can have some tonight. I love Mommy/Ryan day!


Unknown said...

That's Nina's big boy for ya!

N.D. said...

That is too adorable. I love that idea of mommy ryan day- do you do that every now and then?

Angela and David said...

Oh boy, somebody certainly has the art of manipulation down! He is going to keep you guys on your toes as a teenager.

Angela said...

We get a morning to ourselves once a week, as do Brayden and I. It's really nice. I especially like when Tim and I get nights with each one by themselves...reminds us how great they are individually you know? easy to forget sometimes when your chasing and screaming at both of them.