16 January 2010

"Booo'd" at mile 2

Let me set it up for you. Tim and I are in Nashville NC visiting his family. He had a duathlon today in Greenville so it worked out well for a nice family visit. After getting back from his race at 3:30 this afternoon, I had to get my run in...slated was an hour and twenty minutes, increasing speed basically.

It was like a scene out of Forrest Gump...you know the scene I'm talking about; back country roads, open plowed land where crops have been harvested and resting for the winter, a large country house with fence, dogs and various other live stock. It was cloudy and the temp was quickly dropping from the days high of 50. 3:45 and off I go. 1 mile and feeling good, then right as I hit mile 2, I pass a cow pasture infront of a large country house. They were quietly eating grass and as the first one noticed me, he moved to the fence and "MOOOO". Then following was the other 10...and not only did they "moo" or "boo" me, they actually started running with me along the fence line. Crazy cows...what's up, so I "Moooo'd" back at them and they stopped and looked at me like I was a "crazy human".

Phew, glad there was a fence. So fast forward to mile 8 and I pass goats...and they start "baaaa" and trotting around. Okay, was the world taken over by aliens or something. Or have these animals never seen a person run before.

Anyhow, finished the run and was greeted by Brayden "Mommie, my mommie, i uh you." What a way to finish a run. Chicken wings and a sub followed by playing some Wii game with drums and a microphone with Ryan.

Time for sleep.


Angela and David said...

Sounds like a great run and trip. It reminds me of when I was visiting a friend in Slovakia and out running in a rural area. Not only where the animals stunned to see me running but the people were just as equally as stunned.

N.D. said...

hahaha - makes for an exciting and entertaining run!

AnnieB said...

Come run with the cows, horses, goats, chickens and donkeys in Moore, SC with me anytime! You crack me up! Happy Training!