31 January 2010

1 Month Down and 8 more to go

Well, I'm now finished with the first month of "official" IM training. Until this week I hadn't missed a workout. Then the "ick" started knocking on my door Tuesday and I replied "the lady of the house is not home." Wednesday, I said "I'm not interested". But the thing about the "ick" is that it is the most persistent creature I know. So by Thursday I had invited it in for a cup of hot chocolate and missed my run. Then Friday was my day off, and the "ick" was polite enough to leave me alone temporarily. Saturday was a good workout, then the "ick" came back and said "uh hum, excuse me Angela. I enjoyed the hot chocolate so much, I'd like to stay for dinner and wait out the snow storm with you since you were so generous." Me and my stinkin' generosity! So I had to miss my brick session today. I'm drugged up, delirious, tired and just feeling like complete dog poo.

I've come to find out over the years, that the "ick" is not such a good house guest. It sucks you in making you believe that your are so nice and loved (with a false quick courtship) and then just smacks you around like a red headed step child bringing you back to the reality, that you too will eventually fall victim to it's inevitable filth and disgusting ways.

So to the "ick" I say...like the distant cousin that doesn't know when to leave...you are no longer welcome in my house. Please leave before I take drastic measures and call the doctor and really kick your @$$. Thank you and have a nice day. I'm ready to be back on training track thank you very much.

And before I completely forget...I haven't heard but I'm pretty sure that Dan and Natalie have had their baby. I'd love to know the stats and how things are going for you both. Natalie, hope you're feeling well and enjoying motherhood as much as you possibly can the first month!


Angela and David said...

The "ick" also keeps knocking on our door. To hear David tell it the "ick" is nearly killing him. Men are such wimps. Hope you kick the "ick" out of your home soon. And congrats on one month of training down!

BriGaal said...

The ick came to our house, too. Well, to me. It's a funny one - I go from feeling like complete dog poo one minute to feeling 'okay' and wondering why I'm being so lazy, to feeling horrible again. It's not doing anything for my motivation, either.

Unknown said...

Yes, we did have the baby indeed! Lyla was born on 12/28 at 12:17 am weighed in at 7lb 4oz and 20.25" long. Everyone is doing well health wise, just getting used to the lack of sleep I guess. She sleeps for about 3 hrs at a time, sometimes we get lucky and its 4-5, sometimes we're unlucky and its less.

Unfortunately she wants nothing to do with her crib or the bassinet and has to sleep in one of our arms but we're trying to make the switch. She usually wakes up out of a deep sleep within 10 mins of being put down alone. All in good time we're told though.

Thanks for asking! Hope you guys are doing well