23 March 2009


My motivation over the years has changed. It used to maintaining decent fitness and making friends through the sports I chose to participate in. Now it's my boys and my husband. That simple, my boys are my motivation to stay healthy so that I can be around to experience things with them and teach them new things and even learn from them. My husband is my motivation to challenge myself and make myself better, physically and mentally.

Tim has been sick for 2-3 weeks now and been unable to train and I've found that hard for me simply because we normally hold each other accountable for getting our training in on a daily basis. We often do the same bike workouts or even workout together at night. Thankfully, Tim has almost kicked the crud so I should have my training partner back by the end of the week.

Ryan was my "motivation" this morning. We had to stop by Tim's office because I left my wallet in his car this weekend and the entire way there he told me "Mommy, you have to follow the first path because we have to save Hansel and Gretal before the dragon comes. Hurry mommy hurry. Drive faster." Uh, okay...well I didn't really drive faster but I pretended to by hunching over the steering wheel and talking in a panicked voice. I was motivated to save Hansel and Gretal from the evil dragon that apparently was the semi-truck beside us on the freeway. Once I passed the truck for good and Ryan couldn't see it right behind us, he told me they were safe and "yippee mommy, we won!"

After reclaiming my wallet, we made our way to the park for some good play time, then home for lunch and naps. Again I was motivated by "mr. ryan" to help is stuffed dog that daddy won for him this weekend.
"My doggy looks sad mommy. I think he misses his friends, can you help him?"
"What is your doggy's name Ryan?"
"Nick nack patty QUACK"
"ok, well...nick nack patty QUACK, this is elmo and this is mr. cow. They are Ryan's nap buddies. They will keep you company and be your friends."
"mommy you're silly, mr. cow doesn't go honk shh, he 'MOOOOS'."
"Sorry buddy, but he can still be friends with nick nack patty QUACK"
"ok mommy. Thank you for helping nick nack patty QUACK. You can go downstairs now."


Pictures to come.


Rebecca DeWire said...

I am glad to hear that Tim is getting over his sickness. That must have been hard for both of you.

Angela and David said...

Two to three weeks is a long time to be down. Glad he's getting better. Jealous you guys train together. David supports my triathlon obsession but he also thinks I'm nuts.

Ryan has a really cool imagination.

Michelle Simmons said...

Hope you've got your training partner back!
I can't wait until moana starts talking so I can hear some of the crazy things that must be going through her head... ;)

N.D. said...

that's really sweet that your husband is your motivation and your kids. And a cute story !