15 March 2009

Delayed Anniversary

Our anniversary was on Wednesday, but we didn't go out until last night. We dropped the kids off at my parent's house and since my grandmother is in town, they didn't mind keeping the kids for the night. Tim and I were going for dinner and a movie.

Tim really wanted to go to Rio Churrascaria's Brazilian Steakhouse. It's a great restaurant that you pay a base price and get salad, appetizer and all you can eat of 6 or 7 types of meat brought to you by the "table runners". We went to the Rio's right up the road from my parent's house only to find that they had closed. Not a big deal, there's one back by our house, so we drove another 30 minutes back to our neighborhood to the other Rio....and it had closed too. Hmmm. Well there is a another Brazilian steakhouse at a shopping plaza about 15 minutes away called Brasa, so we went there. They open at 5 and by 6 they were already at an hour wait. We chose to sit in the bar area until we found out that the table runners don't come to the bar...so we left and walked to Fujisan Japanese Steakhouse. Finally some food....steak and chicken fried rice with sushi, salad w/ ginger dressing and miso soup.

We were debating 3 movies, "Taken", "Last House on the Left" or "Slumdog Millionaire". We decided to go see "Taken". Ever since having kids, I can't stand watching movies with senseless violence/killing or about kids getting hurt. I've turned from liking thrillers and horrors to wanting to watch comedies and romances. Don't get me wrong, I always liked romance and comedy but I loved the adrenaline rush from the horrors and thrillers....not so much anymore. They make me angry and I have bad dreams. Although I was angry while watching it, just thinking about if it were my child, I thought "Taken" was a good movie. The sad thing is that I know the chance of the real life ending the way the movie did is like 1%, but at least it ended well.

Aside from Tim believing that a dad and his 2 daughters planted bombs in the row in front of us because they only sat there for 2 minutes before getting up and leaving the theater, it was a great night.

And today, Monkey Joes with the boys. It's been raining since Friday non-stop, so indoor inflatable play places are our only option for staying sane and getting toddler energy out. Besides, I think Tim and I have just as much fun as the boys do getting to act crazy and play like we're 5 again. Hopefully the rain will stop. After all, my front yard is flooding.


Michelle Simmons said...

Too bad you missed those brazilian steakhouses! Those places are awesome. Crazy two of them have closed. Blame the ecnomy I guess.

Happy Anniversary!

Angela and David said...

Happy Anniversary! Those Brazilian steak places are dangerous. I swear I leave sweating meat.

I need to see if we have a Monkey Joes nearby for the future. Those places seem like a lot of fun.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Sounds like you had a great anniversary. And again, you set a good example that Scott and I should be going out to dinner just the 2 of us. I don't think we have done that since Elena was born. It is hard,though, when family is far away.

Also, I am exactly like you are about violence. I feel physically ill watching violent movies now and then have nightmares about them. It sounds like a common 'mom' thing.

Natalie D said...

sounds like a fiasco at first! glad it was a fun night! I love brazilian steakhouses (and I'm a vegetarian!) I love the salad bars. I just spent the last 30 minutes organizing milk in my freezer! I hope I did it ok! It was on the bottom in medela bags and now it is in the middle double bagged and labeled. Phew. Thanks for the tips.