12 March 2009


Like a ton a bricks, it hit me today while warming up Brayden's dinner why both him and Ryan have been so emotionally needy and a little off on their night time sleeping habits...duh. So the idea about a milestone happening affecting their sleep is completely true, or at least it has been for both my boys.

After being gone for a week, we came back to Ryan having taken some sort of cognitive leap. When we left he was talking well...complete sentences, but it was mostly him repeating things you tell him or things he had recently heard. Now, it's like he is making his own deductions about the world and why things are happening. Before he would ask "why" or "is that right" sort of questions and now he's telling us why things are the way they are or why he believes something. It's amazing to watch a child reason and figure things out like this.

Brayden seems to also have some milestones emerging. Not only have we jumped from 4 to 8 or 9 teeth over the last few weeks, but he is trying to walk unassisted...well until he realizes he's not holding on to anything then he sits down. And, he is also making some sort of cognitive leap. He's definitely hitting the physical development milestones more quickly than Ryan did and it seems to me that he's making some of the mental development milestones more quickly as well. Maybe I just can't remember when Ryan did some of these things.

I'm just loving being home with my boys. Life is good, real good. Oh, and the siding and sheet rock is up in the new house...anybody know of people looking to buy a house. I'm very fond of our current house, it's just a little too small.


Rebecca DeWire said...

That is so exciting about your 2 boys.

I did something new this year for nutrition on the bike and it worked really well for me (and Scott did it too). This recommendation came from a local pro, so this isn't some crazy thing I made up on my own. I use a profile drink system for plain water and then in my water bottles I mix Gatorade EF with lots of Powergels. I can't remember exactly how many I would use, but it was a lot, like 68 or so. I think I would end up with 800 calories or so per bottle. I would use 1 bottle for a half and 2 for a full. I would grab a water at each aid station on the bike and fill up my drink system. It was nice to drink just plain water. Then on the run, I found that E-caps really helped and I would drink Coke and use Powergels (I love the caffeinated ones). I hope this helps. You can email me at rebeccadewire@gmail.com if you have more specific questions.

Angela and David said...

So cool that Brayden is developing so quickly because he's got Ryan to copy. And it sounds like Ryan is setting a pretty awesome example.

And I just read Rebecca's comments. Wow - 68 powergels in a gatorade. I hope she meant 6-8.

N.D. said...

That's fantastic ! what fun times for the boys and mommy!