19 March 2009


So I'm on the quest for trying to figure out my fluid intake for White Lake 1/2...I've gotten a few suggestions thus far that I'm going to try (thank you Rebecca) this weekend on my long ride. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. The one half I attempted I only ended up drinking about 50 oz. of fluid on the bike with no other nutrition (bars or gels)...hence the HUGE BONK on the run that left me dehydrated for days. Otherwise I would have hit my goal time.

So lesson 1 is: drink more and use bars or gels on the bike...duh. Go figure your body needs more nutrients for longer distance races. I honestly don't know what I was thinking or better yet, why I didn't think!

The deceiving part of the title: the fluids are flowing around this house, YUK! Tim seems to be getting sick once/month for the last 6 months or so...with it lasting about 2 weeks on average for each illness. Right now he's battling a flu-like illness and an ear infection.

Brayden's poor bottom can't handle many more liquid poops in a day. Again, not thinking...I gave him some corn about 3 days ago (not a good idea for little ones under 1, their bellies can't process it well at all) and I knew better...but he liked it so I said ok. Corn + teething = 6 runny stools/day. He's at least staying hydrated but food is just passing through him right now.

And Ryan, well he's just always got a runny nose and a dried snot line from his nose, across his cheek from wiping his nose with his sleeve so much. He's not old enough to get the concept of blowing his nose yet...when you ask him or show him he still blows out of his mouth. I think it's sometime after age 3 that they are able to actually blow their nose properly. And trying to catch him with a tissue is like playing Russian roulette.


Natalie D said...

Good luck on your 1/2 and hydration!!Aww. I hope the little guys are feeling better!

Angela and David said...

Hope you don't catch what everyone else has.

I like to use water and then carbo pro mixed with gatorade on my rides. Although by the end of every season just the sight of orange gatorade starts to make me sick.