20 February 2009

Rock'n Out

One of the greatest times I have with Ryan and now Brayden is when we dance. Turn on the music and cut a rug! Tim likes to use the song from Mickey Mouse Club House "Hot Dog Dance" because it's funny to watch Ryan try to imitate the characters. When we're in the car, we refer to dance time as "rock'n out". It usually consists of swaying our heads and throwing our arms in the air. At which time you can see crazy looks from other drivers...but hey you've gotta be a little silly sometimes, that's being a parent.

So today on the way to the indoor playground, a Madonna song comes on the radio; "I'm burning up, burning up for your love". Realizing this is not the ideal rock'n out song, all of a sudden from the back seat and at the top of his lungs "MOMMY, YOU WANT TO ROCK OUT WITH ME?" Sure Ryan, let's rock out. It was an all out wiggle fest in the back seat. Legs were kicking, arms were flailing, head was swaying and bobbing and he kept saying:
"Rock out with us Brayden, I know you can do it, I know you can. Just watch me. Watch mommy too. See like this. I know you can do it Brayden."
"Ah, mommy. I don't think Brayden can rock out yet. I think he's too little. He's just kicking his feet." Ryan, that's how Brayden rocks out, he kicks his feet. "But no mommy, you have to do this too" followed by more arms waiving and head banging.

After Madonna finally ended, Ryan sighed and said "It's ok Brayden, when you're a big boy like Mr. Ryan, you can rock out with me and mommy." He proceeded to ask Brayden to hold his hand so he could console Brayden over the fact that he couldn't "rock out" like a big Mr. Ryan.

I'm rock'n out with the training as well. I did an easy ride on Monday after the marathon relay to keep the legs loose. I've run twice this week at a 8:27 pace for 7.2 miles and I've got a ride during nap time today...if Ryan would actually go to sleep I'd be out there now. But since he's not, I'm blogging. I know more than a few people who are running the Coach Bubba 20K and 4 miler tomorrow and I will surely leave someone's name off so good luck to everyone.


Mnowac said...

Nice job on the runs. You'll have to get some rocking out video! Too cute.

Natalie D said...

aww - that is so cute!!!
Great job on the fast runs this week!
Sounds like naptime and flexibility and fitting things in when you can is the key as I'm learning!

Angela and David said...

Ryan sure is a good big brother! Hope you got that ride in during nap time.

Rebecca DeWire said...

That is some fast running. Way to go! Also, that was a cute story about the dancing. Elena dances and it is so cute. We all copy her moves, with her signature being the 'chicken wing'. You need to post a video of you rock n out with the boys.

Michelle Simmons said...

I tried Rockin it out this morning with Moana but she just laughs at me. ;)