10 February 2009

My old friend, LA

Oh yeah, like a long lost toy from childhood, a high school friend you lost touch with, or wait, better yet...the evil nemesis you hoped you'd never see again. Yeah that's it, my evil nemesis, LA...or better known as lactic acid! HA! That's how I know I've been training harder for over a week now. My quads and hamstrings are tight...I feel it with every step, sitting down, standing up, climbing stairs. It made my Monday run difficult but satisfying, my bike last night burn with the promise of results and it will probably make my swim tonight slow but worth while.

I remember what it was like to be in shape when I was younger and only get this feeling after summer volleyball camp or after the first week of softball from squatting so much. Back then my body could handle it and screamed for more. Now, my body isn't screaming for more, it's just screaming...but my head it saying "oh yeah! get it girl." I feel good to have the soreness, I feel like I'm going to see results from actually putting more into my workouts.

My back is still tight from the clumsy fall I had, bruises are yucky looking but thanks for the well wishes! It felt alright running and there's no sharp pains, just muscular...so I don't think there's any real damage. Although I was alone with the boys when I fell, so I'm just glad I was able to keep my head from hitting and getting knocked out. That would have been bad. All I heard from the living room was "Mom, you hear that noise?" "yes, ryan. Mommy fell down the stairs." "oh, you alright, I'm watching Dora now." I suppose the fact that he asked if I was ok should make me feel somewhat comforted to know he cares. Brayden on the other hand was trying to crawl down the stairs to me and got mad when I kept telling him no.

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Angela and David said...

Isn't being sore so strangely rewarding? Congrats on all the hard work.