05 February 2009

Late Night Ghost

It's 2:45am, the house is dark and quiet. You wake up to the sound of silence, you feel something burning into you. You can't decide if you dreamt the sound or if it was real. Was there a noise outside? Is the dog licking himself too loudly? Then you hear it, footsteps. Are they real? You sit up and look around unable to see anything. "hello". No answer, only footsteps. Then as your eyes adjust to the darkness, you make out a little head barely coming over the top of the bed and realize the steps are not the dog on watch duty, but your 2.5 year old who had mysteriously woken up and was checking on you.

Ryan was circling the bed this morning at 2:45am, seeing if Tim and I were awake. He had laid his blanket on top of me and was trying to see which on of us was awake to help him into our bed. "Mommy, did the chanic come and fix my choo choo train? We need to call the chanic right now, he needs to fix the tv too, it's not working. Here's the mote, it's broken too."
"Ryan, the tv is turned off because it's night time, time to sleep, it's dark outside so we should be sleeping just like the sun."
"uh, is the chanic sleeping mommy?"
"Yes, Ryan the mechanic is sleeping too."
"Ok mommy, I sleep in mommy and daddy's bed now. Good night, see you in the morning."

Several rib kicks later he settled down and had managed to lay on my back and fell asleep. He's been doing more and more of these late night visits. We're not sure why. I have to admit that Tim and I have been extremely lucky when it comes to the kids and how well they sleep. Both were sleeping through the night (6pm to 7am) by 10 weeks. With the rare exception of bad dreams, sickness or the occasional "I just want to play" middle of the night waking, we typically get 12 hours at night. So this is odd. Maybe it's because we've started potty training? I don't know, but it scares the living daylights out of me when he tip toes around our bed in the middle of the night. Last week I woke up to him staring at me, waiting for me to open my eyes so he could give me his dinosaur puzzle to put together.

Tim didn't even realize he had come downstairs until he left for work at 4:45. I wish I could sleep through that. The funny thing is that Ryan had a conversation with him. Note to self, pour cold water on Tim to ensure he remembers late night conversations.


Michelle Simmons said...

Isn't it crazy how men sleep through anything? I can't tell you how many times Scott wakes up in the morning and asks if Moana slept through the night. No, I was up feeding her. How could he possibly sleep through that crying? I don't get it.

Angela and David said...

I'm sure he didn't seem as cute at 2:45 as he comes off in reading that story. Hopefully it's just a short little phase.