28 February 2009

House, honk shh, oreos, bubbles and training

Whoa, a long post coming up here folks.

#1. The New House. It's going up quickly. We met with them this past Wednesday about the wiring and it was supposed to happen Thursday. Sheet rock was supposed to go up this week too, but we haven't been by since Wednesday. Here's a shot of the exterior, my new laundry room (I included this shot because it looked funny as my dad was trying to explain something to Tim) and our new fireplace (with an early santa visit...Tim's so funny). Ryan got to see his "new room" and asked where his toys were. He keeps asking about his new house. We've had to inform him that it's gonna be a while before we get to live there.

#2. Honk Shhh
"Honk Shh" is one of many terms Ryan uses to describe going to sleep. "mommy, Mr. Ryan is going Honk shh now." He's trying to make the snoring sound. So his new and exciting thing to do is empty the toy chest, insert pillows from the couch, grab his blanket and crawl inside and pretend to sleep. He also likes to play "peek-a-boo" with Brayden like this. He lays flat while Brayden is on the outside...Brayden then pulls up to look inside the chest and Ryan pops up and says "peek-a-boo". I was about to capture this on camera when Ryan scared Brayden and he fell and hit is head on the edge of the chest...so no picture.

#3. Oreos!!! If you look closely at the picture to the left you can see said bruise on Brayden's forehead from the fall mentioned above. Before you read any further, no this is not the only shirt Brayden owns, I do wash clothes and I just realized that every time I take a picture of him, he's got this shirt on..."Conserve water, drink chocolate milk." Aunt Jen gave him this shirt for Christmas and he likes it. Anyway. Not all our snacks are nutritious...oh well. Ryan loves oreos and milk and so does Brayden. Here's the mess that was last week. Actually, I think you can see some left over oreos on Ryan's cheek in the "honk shh" picture. In the picture to the right, Brayden thought Ryan was trying to give him a kiss...so he's leaning in for the messy smooch!

#4. Bubbles. This bubble machine was bought for Christmas 2007. Ryan loved it! When he walked out to the tree it was on and he just played in the bubbles forever. It got used maybe twice after that until yesterday. It's been sitting above the cabinets in the kitchen and Ryan saw it. "mommy, can you help me reach the bubble sheen pwease." Ok. sure. I picked him up so we could "reach" for the bubble maker together. I told him that I would have to go get the stool so I could get the bubble maker, when all of a sudden the kid is climbing out of my arms on to the top of the fridge. Ok, climb away Ryan. I got you. He proceeded to grab the bubble maker, hand it to me and then in a very frightened voice (like oh crap I'm really high up) he says "You can get me down now mommy."

Ryan had a ball with bubbles, dancing and even doing his "butt jig" as I like to call it. He puts his head on the floor looking in between his legs and sticks his butt straight up in the air then starts bouncing up and down. It's hilarious. Brayden was much more skeptical. It took him a while to warm up to the bubbles.

#5 Training. Ok, no more pictures...I'll spare you the spandex. But it has been a solid week for me. Here's the down and dirty recap:

Sunday - Bike 1:15 mix of steady state and intervals
Monday - Run 4.5 miles
Tuesday - Swim 3,000m race pace sets
Wednesday - Run 4.5 miles with 8 1/4 mile repeats
Thursday - Laundry and rest
Friday - Bike 1 hr steady state and Swim 3,000 with 4 400 repeats
Saturday - Run 7 miles
Tomorrow - Bike 2 hr. interval session

All my runs were on the TM, which sucks. My knees are hurting right now. But by far this is the best training week I've had since Brayden was born. Something is starting to click that the 1/2 IM the first week of May is sneaking up on me and my lack of fitness. Hopefully while Tim and I are in Tucson I can get some great training in as it is supposed to be in the mid 80's and sunny the entire week!!! Yeah for the desert.

I'll try to post some pictures while we're on vacation, but I can't promise anything. This will be the first extended (more than a night) alone time Tim and I have had since Brayden was born...actually since last January if I'm not mistaken. So I'm inclined to get some good snuggling in.


Natalie D said...

Lots of snuggling for sure!! great workouts this week! That is so exciting about the new house and very cute about the oreos! Aww.. that sore spot will go away soon! It will break my heart the first time my little guy gets hurt!

Michelle Simmons said...

I love your posts because they make me so excited for Moana to be a few years older so she can say funny things and do crazy stuff...

Hope you guys are have a great trip! And a new house... how exciting!

Angela and David said...

The new house looks great. I want one of those bubble machines. Zach loves the bubbles at Gymboree.

Great job on a solid week.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Enjoy your vacation. A bubble machine is a great idea. Thanks for posting on that. And congrats on your best training week since Brayden's birth.