28 July 2009

Where's Spot?

This is one of Ryan's favorite books. It's very simple but he likes being able to pull the tags to "look for Spot" the dog. On one page it asks "Is he in the closet?" and when you open the closet doors there is a monkey hanging from the bar eating a banana. Ryan always says "No, it's a monkey eating banas." Then last night as we read the book he replied "No, it's a monkey eating a "banana." What??? I stopped and asked him again what the monkey was eating. " A banana mommy."

It seems so trivial. So insignificant. Like the first time he pronounced motorcycle correctly instead of his usual "mota-guy-gle". But for as many times as I indiscreetly try to correct his pronunciation of words, sentence structure or verb tense, I will miss the way he said "bana" and "motaguygle". One more step to growing up and yet still so many years left.

Now if we could just get him to say his "l's" correctly. Well maybe I'll hold off on that right now, I enjoy hearing "Mommy, I wub you so much."


Natalie D said...

that is so cute.

Angela and David said...

What a great story. My brother had a hard time saying his Ls when he was young as well. When I was 6 we moved from NY to NC and were we were Yankees. My dad owned a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealer and my parents thought it was cute how my brohter said "Wincoln" instead of "Lincoln" so they named our new Boxer puppy "Lincoln". All our neighbors thought we named the puppy Lincoln to rub in the fact that the Yankees won "the War".