07 July 2009

Miracle Worker

So my legs have been absolutely dead since that big weekend of a track race and the tri. Running has been heavy and weak and biking has just been plain hard. I somehow convinced Tim to pace me last night for a quick 3.25 mile run after he had already done his 4.5. I told him I wanted him to pace me at 8 min/mile or just over...so 8:15 or so.

Mile 1: 7:59, right on que.
Mile 2: 7:53, okay this is not so bad
Mile 3: 7:57, this sucks I'm getting tired
5K mark: 24:41 (would have been a PR in a race by about 50 seconds- 7:57 pace)
Finish 3.25: 25:43 ( total 7:57 pace)

After the run I told Tim I was hurting, my breathing was shallow and fast. But after a couple of minutes I felt really good and wondered if I could have gone faster. Tim told me "I'm going to have you running in the 22's for your 5Ks and I laughed. I told him my dad and my old softball Coach (jimmy) would laugh at him too. And my dad did. Dad actually said something to the affect of "don't you know grass grows under her feet".

To which Tim replied "I work miracles"


Natalie D said...

You are doing awesome pushing the pace!

Angela and David said...

You will show them. If you can run those paces when your legs are tired you've got much faster in you!