11 July 2009

Longest move in history

So the deal was supposed to be done on Wednesday the 15th, but these people buying our house apparently have been looking at it since February and have been driving by like 3 times a week since we signed the contract and they have now moved closing up to Tuesday. That means Tim and I sign paper work on Monday to avoid the aggravating couple which means that we have to be out of the house tomorrow. What's that you ask...when do we close on the new house...oh not till the 17th. Yes that's right, we're homeless for a week. Well not really, we're staying with my parents in a 1600 sq ft. house with 4 adults, 2 toddlers and one noisy miniature schnauzer. Not to mention all our boxed up stuff that couldn't fit in the POD.

So here it is:
House on the market 9 months.
Packing house up - 1 month now.
Packing POD - 3 days
Packing remainder of house and transporting to parents house 3 days
Cleaning old house - 2 days
In Limbo - 7 days
Unpacking POD and items from parent's house - 3 days most likely
Settling in and getting everything unpacked - at least a week.

This has got to be the longest move ever.


Michelle Simmons said...

Oh boy... 7 days is a long time to be in limbo! You're going to be SO HAPPY to get settled into your new house!!

N.D. said...

That is going to be tricky! but it should go quickly! Good luck! Be patient!

Angela and David said...

Good luck. That would drive me crazy. I do not handle moves well. I hate for things to be packed up and not knowing where everything is. Hope closing goes smoothly.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I could not imagine being in limbo for a week! You guys will get through this :)