05 September 2010

With September comes change

1. College football has started. Our week now starts on Monday with analysis of the previous weekend's games and predictions for the coming week. Thursdays are spent watching the first of the weekend's games and Saturday's start early watching College Game day all morning until the first game kicks off and full anticipation until FSU plays. Lots of food and drinks and company.

2. It looks like we're going to get a fall this year. Back in April, we skipped directly from winter to summer heat and humidity. All of a sudden, we hit the month of September and the weather got very pleasant. It's chilly in the mornings and the day warms up to a tolerable heat that just makes you feel like you've just eaten a hot bowl of soup on a freezing winter day...comfortable. Unfortunately with this relief from the heat, not only is it giving us more energy...it's giving the kids more energy. We're outside more and they are wanting to go all the time. As if they weren't before, but I think you all know what I'm talking about with heat zapping energy.

3. I've noticed a huge difference in my training load and energy. My body is getting much needed rest and recovery. The load is tolerable and with the reprieve in weather, my training actually feels good. Although it's nice, this holding pattern still has me ready for race day to be here and done.

4. With my training winding down, Tim is now ramping up his training for the Kiawah Island marathon in December.

5. Ryan is now a big boy with show-n-tell and getting ready for kindergarten. He no longer goes to "pre-school" he goes to "pre-K" with the "biggest kids in school" and in the "biggest kid room".

6. Brayden has been riding the tricycle by himself for a while now. He figured out the pedaling much faster than Ryan did. He's also much farther along with potty training than Ryan was at this age as well...I think having an older brother to watch has helped. I'm hoping that he'll be trained by Christmas...or at least pretty close.

7. Maybe my house will start to stay clean and my laundry will get put away...okay okay. Maybe it's not going to change that much around here.


Unknown said...

You have done a phenomenal job balancing it all. I don't know how you have managed so well. Actually I do. You have a great family support system a.k.a The Barnes Family and Tim. Your first jambalaya was superb! You are loved. Nina and Papa

N.D. said...

glad things are going well. I love this weather. When is race day? The boys are so cute!