08 September 2010

Saying our "Thank Yous"

Lunch monday:
Ryan: Mommy we need to say our thank you's
Brayden: Uh huh...thank you's mommy
Me: Ok, but you'll have to say them so I can learn them too.
Ryan: We start by counting together mommy...say it "1-2-3", say it
Brayden: 1-2-3 GO RYAN GO!
Me: Ok, 1-2-3
Ryan: thank you for the earth and sky, thank you for the birds that fly. thank you for the strings that fwoat (float), thank you for the food we grow. thank you, thank you this we say. Thank you for all we have today.
Brayden: thank you for today.
Me: that's very nice. we need to say thank you's more often.

Ryan: mommy who do we say our thank you's to?
Me: Well we are saying them to baby Jesus.
ryan: you mean baby Jesus from Christmas. It's not his birthday yet. I miss baby Jesus, can me and Brayden go play with him. When do we get a turn to play with him?
Me: Well hopefully your turn to play with him is when you're really old.
Ryan: You mean like grandma lillian (mind you she passed away when he was 2.5 years old)
Me: Yes honey, like grandma lillian and grandpa sam.

Ryan: Well mommy, that's not fair that they get to play with him and be in his house in the sky and me and Brayden can't have a turn yet. I think I'm going to build a rocket ship and then me and Brayden can ZOOM UP in the sky and visit and take our turn. Do you think that is a good idea?
Me: I think building a rocket ship to fly in is a great idea. I think that you wanting to take turns and share playing with baby Jesus is a great idea and very nice too.
Ryan: Yeah, that's what we're going to do Brayden, alright?
Brayden: right Ryan.

If only it were that simple.

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