29 March 2010

Random update

Well, I must say that eating more has done nothing more than make me feel fat and full all the time. I think my stomach has only growled once in the last week and a half since I started the mission of making sure I'm eating enough. I'm proud to say that I'm getting within 2-300 calories of what I'm burning each day as opposed to 1500 calories short. So it's better, just hard to eat that much for me.

Our house has been busy! Ryan is busy in his own world so conversations never make any sense and are often just a circle. Now that he's been potty trained fully for about 3-4 months now, he finds it humorous to try and pee anytime we're outside instead of going in to the bathroom. And even the other day as we were in the family room playing, he got up and said "I have to go pee"...off he went...to the kitchen where he pulled his pants down to his ankles and was about to christen the cabinets. WHAT? Yeah, um....you better take that to the bathroom boy. Tim and I were just so dumbfounded we didn't know what to say.

Brayden is absolutely, 100% completely the opposite of his brother. Ryan was a quiet, calm child who listened and didn't really get into things. He was/is content with what you give him. Brayden on the other hand, will find something you've barricaded and stored in a lock box. The child is into everything and when he gets it in his hot little hands, it's straight in the mouth. I thought they were supposed to outgrown the oral fixation by now??? He's a mile a minute, jumping, running, galloping, skipping, falling, flipping, turning, hanging, throwing, twirling and head banging with a smile on his face the entire time. Yikes, we are in trouble in a few more years. I've often told Tim, had Brayden come first, we definitely would have waited longer to have a second child.

Tim is nursing a calf injury that will hopefully get better with enough time for the SC 1/2 IM in May. And me, I'm just trying to hang on to whatever little bit of sanity is still hiding inside...it's hard to find right now. Work, training, house, boys, dogs, and whatever else have just absolutely drained me. How do I know? I actually drank with dinner tonight, that's how I know. It's on very rare occasions that I partake in the beverage, but tonight I had two tall glasses of pina colada with my dinner and then still had a big piece of cheesecake, yum!

I'm looking forward the half in May, I'm ready to get a race under me belt for the season...ready to get the feet wet (pun completely intended). Time to check the bed to make sure it's cozy enough.


Michelle Simmons said...

See, that's why I'm afraid to have another kid... I'm afraid he/she would be the opposite of Moana and though I understand that I am completely biased, I think moana is pretty darn close to perfect so I don't want to push my luck by having another one. Lol. ;)

Angela and David said...

Brayden sounds A LOT like Zach. I'm in no hurry for #2.

And that story about Ryan wanting to pee everywhere is pretty funny. He's just busy marking his territory.

Unknown said...

Okay, I agreed to babysit for a week???? What was I thinking????? Just kidding, but I am going to join the gym to get in shape to run, roll, hide, bump, grind, swing, gallop, head bang, twist, skip, fall, flip, and hang (did I leave anything out?)And I am either paying or bribing Aunt Jenn and Madison to join me:-)

N.D. said...

It's so cute comparing them and seeing they are up to different things and personalities. I love it! I know it is so hard to eat more, and hard to even keep track :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I hope Tim's injury heals up soon. Also, I love how your kids have such different personalities This gives me hope that if we have #2, he/she won't be nearly as nuts as Elena. Scott is always trying to convince me that there is just no way a 2nd child can be as hard as Elena.