13 March 2010

Blue lights

So Thursday I was taking Ryan to the gym with me then it was off to work. For once in my life, since having my license, I can honestly say that I had broken absolutely no traffic laws since I had left the house. No rolling stops, abiding by the speed limit to a tee, signaling...etc. So I turned on to a small highway and was carrying on about my business when I noticed a local sheriff behind me. He followed me for about a mile, then turned his blue lights on.

"crap, seriously...I wasn't doing anything."
To which Ryan replies "Uh mommy. do you see those blue lights?"
Yes I do buddy.
"Mommy, you're in a HEAP 'a' trouble!" (for those of you who aren't familiar with the movie CARS, my son has seen it too many times.)
"No, mommy is not in trouble, the police man is just going to make sure mommy is being safe." (I had no clue as to why he had pulled me."

"Hello ma'am. My name is office "whatchamacallit" with Apex police. Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"No I don't."
"Ma'am, your tag is expired. Did you know that?"
"No I didn't." ( you know they stopped putting those stickers on your windshield last year stinking whitie)
"Ma'am, may I see your license and registration please?"
"Sure." As I open the registration, I see the exp. date of 12-31-1009. My heart sank. I suppose he notice the look on my face because his next comment was:
"You really didn't know did you?"
"No sir, I didn't. I'm sorry."
"I'll be right back, let me go run this information."

as he walked away, Ryan says
"Mommy, he took your card. You need that to get in the gym. Put my window down, I will talk to him. I will get your card back mommy. Put my window down."
"ryan, it's okay, he's going to bring it back to mommy. He's just helping mommy to be safe and follow the rules."
"Oh mom, just put my window down. I'll get it back."

Officer returns, with a ticket! Stinking $25 ticket, $130 dollars in court costs, and I have to appear in court to show them documentation that I've fixed the "problem". Dude, I DIDN'T KNOW....CUT ME SOME SLACK!

After sharing this with Tim, he tells me that all his co-workers believe that I got pulled because the cop thought I was cute and then when he realized I had a kid in the car, he had to give me the ticket. Shoot, I could have bought the man a coffee and some doughnuts.


Angela and David said...

I love that Ryan wanted to talk him out of it. And that ticket is steep - my speeding ticket was only $75.

Michelle Simmons said...

That sucks. One time I was lost while trying to take a friend to the airport (obviously then in a hurry) and I saw a cop on the side of the road... so I stopped to ask the cop how to get to the airport... and he asked for my license and registration! I was like, what???? I stopped HIM... but I got a ticket bc my registration was expired. UGH. That's the last time I'll ask a cop for directions. So much for 'To serve and protect'.

N.D. said...

Ugh that stinks! I love Ryan's comments. So cute!

Unknown said...

If you had rolled the window down, Ryan would most definitely gotten you out of it. You should listen to him:-)