10 June 2011

Eagleman is here- 37 weeks

I remember when I posted in Nov/Dec 2010 that I was pregnant again that we were worried I would go into labor while at Eagleman for Tim...well Eagleman is here. And where am I? Literally? Right now I'm driving in the car on the way to Cambridge, still pregnant.

I'm very excited about this race for Tim, although my o.b. office is less than happy with my decision to travel "more than 1 hour away". Oh well. My response is this: hospitals in Maryland are just as capable in delivering babies as my hospital in Cary. Shoot, there are still women in Africa that go into the woods, squat, push and go back to picking berries..or something like that. I think we'll be ok. The only thing that sucks is having to stop every 1.5 hours...errr, turns a long trip into a LONG trip.

Last week at my 36 week visit, the midwife I saw absolutely scared the crap out of me. She told me I was measuring small and had been measuring small for the last 3 visits. "Didn't they tell you?" Uh, no they didn't. So what are you thinking? What is the issue? "Well, could just be a small baby, oh never mind...you have big babies." "Could just be that you are hiding the pregnancy well or could be not enough fluid in the uterus or could be the baby isn't growing well. Monitor your movements and if it decreases, we may need to do an ultrasound."

I freaked out. I'm a worrier, I'm an anxious person. Tim often says that he leaves the worrying to me because I do enough for everyone in the family. So I didn't sleep all last weekend. Up all night, poking the belly "move baby, move for mommy." Nothing. I was a wreck. So I called Monday morning and they brought me in for monitoring. I was hooked up for over 1.5 hours before the main dr. (Dr. V) said, "not the most active baby, but I've seen enough to let you go for now. Make sure to schedule the ultrasound for tomorrow." Will do.

Tuesday, US showed normal growth range, normal fluid, normal everything except for a slightly small head size (and ladies you know we don't mind that at all, right!). So Dr. confirmed what us technician saw and said we just have a smaller baby this time. Although I laugh to think this baby will be small... experience tells me we probably just have a long, lanky baby, but I'm no dr. or us tech.

So at nearly 37 weeks, I have not progressed anywhere close to where I was with either Ryan or Brayden and this one dropped about 3 weeks ago. The only difference I can see is that my exercise has been extremely less this time than before. So perhaps it is true, that the exercise really does help your body prepare. Dang fatigue, two kids, full time job, house and other crap that has kept me from working out as much. I better not go to term with this one, I won't know what to do with myself.


Rebecca DeWire said...

How exciting that you get to see Tim race Eagleman. I have always wanted to do that race. Good luck (to both of you)! And I am so glad to hear that the baby is doing OK. That must have been so scary.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Maybe it is not the lack of working out maybe it is just that this baby knew you wanted to go to the race.

I hope the race and the delivery go well.