23 June 2011

39 Weeks - Restless

I really have no words. Im sure that most women understand being this far along in a pregnancy, this late in the summer is not comfortable physically, much less when emotionally and mentally you are just toast. Needless to say I had convinced myself that this pregnancy would end early as the other two did, but no such luck.

If I have to answer somebody looking at me and asking "You haven't had that baby yet?" one more time "Nope, sure haven't". I'm going to scream. I have nothing else to say. I'm just tired. There has been no progress physically in the last 3 visits. I'm at a loss. I thought that your body progresses more quickly with subsequent pregnancies, so it blows my mind that I'm 39 weeks I'm not even as far along as I was with pregnancy No. 1 at 37 weeks.

Who knows. I have actually run 3 times in the last 10 days, in addition to numerous times on the elliptical. The running actually felt good during and there was only minor stiffness in the pelvic floor afterward. It's extremely slow, and I'm sure some Olympic speed walkers could pass me, but I'm calling it running anyway. But apparently it didn't really help anything along so who knows if I'll do it again.

My next appointment is next Tuesday and my due date is next Thursday. I'm beyond ready for this baby to make it's way into our world, as are the boys. Ryan told me today he was excited for the baby to come out now. Please baby, listen to your older brother; I don't think he will be excited too long so we need to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Allison Chapple said...

*I* am antsy and am five weeks behind you so I can only imagine how ready you are. And yep, I am already tired of the "you're still pregnant?" comments too. I keep trying to tell myself to just relax and enjoy this time but we both know that's a joke. Can't wait to hear about your little one!!