21 May 2011

The Countdown Begins

Or continues, I'm not sure which. I think I started counting down around 10 weeks out. This pregnancy, I consistently gained weight from the time I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks until week 30. Even having been through it twice before and understanding it all, I was getting a little worried that I would tip the scales this go around...or break them I should say.

But miraculously from 30 to 32 weeks, no weight gain. From 32 to 34 weeks, no weight gain. Now let's just play a game for a minute. Hmmm, pregnancy number 1 (Ryan). I gained 40 lbs with ~ 6-7 hours of aerobic activity/week and healthy eating. Other than Tim always taking me to Coldstones and the Frosty craving...I was a good girl. He was head down since 32 weeks and dropped around 33 weeks. I went for my 37 week visit, I had lost 2 lbs from the previous visit and went into labor that night at midnight.

Pregnancy #2 (Brayden). I gained 35 lbs with ~4-5 hours of aerobic activity a week and was really a good eater. I didn't really splurge often with him, just a bunch of spicy food. I was 3cm and 80% effaced since week 32 and was certain I would go as early as I did with Ryan because of these facts. Until they informed me that "no your body just prepares a lot more quickly with subsequent pregnancies". And how true that really is now that I've had a chance to experience a third pregnancy is all I will say on that front. I went for my 38 week visit with no weight gain, and at the 39 week visit had lost 1 lb and went into labor the next morning. Brayden never dropped before or after labor started.

Pregnancy #3 (Gavin or Gabrielle not sure yet): I have currently gained 30 lbs with ~ 3 hours of aerobic activity/week. I have been a superior eater this time, until recently and now just can't kick the sweet craving. Keeping a full time job, a house, two kids and a husband with being pregnant just doesn't allow for such foolish things like working out every day. I have just under 6 weeks to go till the due date and for a month now have not gained weight.

Now when you do research, they say that weight gain stopping or a weight loss can often indicate impending labor. I am not so foolish as to think that I may go into labor 6 weeks earlier, only that maybe I gained all my weight early with this one and now that little person is just surviving on the fat stores I created early on.

I'm tired. The weight and size of the baby has definitely hit me and my movements have slowed down. I'm nesting some sort of awful right now. Cleaning, sorting, pacing, cooking/freezing, and even freaking out a little over the change that is about to be ours. But for the first time too, I'm getting excited over this pregnancy. We've had too much going on this year for me to really even notice that I'm pregnant and actually enjoy it like I could the other two. But I think we are all ready to meet this new person. Brayden especially..."mommy, is the baby gonna climb out yet?"

Come on baby, time to climb out.


N.D. said...

hope baby#3 comes early! it was great to read the comparison! thanks for posting and happy thoughts!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Good luck! So glad to hear that things are going well and can't wait to hear about this new little person's arrival.