03 April 2012

How was March?

Well, after an excellent February, March started out spectacular actually. I was doing well and had only missed one day of working out at my last post (18 March) when we found out we were going to move. Honestly, I don't even know how many times I've worked out since then...3 maybe 4 if I'm lucky. Needless to say we've been pretty busy around here for the last 2.5 -3 weeks.

We've painted (a lot of baseboards, doors, rooms etc.), cleaned up our yard with 10 cubic yards of mulching, lots of weeding/edging, flower planting, mowing, fixing lights, cleaning baseboards, window blinds, fans, doors, cleaning carpets, 3 trips to the dump, 3 trips to the goodwill and a ton of furniture moved into the garage to stage the house. Our realtors came last Thursday to take pictures of the house and it actually went live on the market this morning.

You can see our Beautiful home here. As before, if you know somebody moving to the Raleigh NC area...have em' check it out. Gonna miss this place immensely. Now, time to get moving again...in every sense of the word. Physically I need some exercise right now to help with stress and the mushy feeling that has taken over my lower extremities, we need to start looking at houses in Colorado and we just need for this move to be over!

The kids are excited about the idea of being able to pick colors to paint their new rooms and we've instituted the ever helpful calendar for marking days off until we get to leave. We did it with Gabby's due date to help them and now we're doing it for the move. They comprehend making an 'X' through days because they see the progress. The day we're working toward...July 5th.

Now time to get back on track in April.

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