28 January 2012

Little Miss Gabby

Gabby Goo, Miss Queen of the stinky bottoms, Sweetie pie, pretty little goo goo, Gabby Mac...take your pick. They all refer to the same wonderful, beautiful, happy little girl that has taken us all by storm here.

When I look back at pictures of the boys, she could really be Ryan's twin sister in most pictures at similar ages. They've got the same color hair, same hair pattern, same face, same eye color, same ears...spitting image of her older brother Ryan. Every now and then, you can see pictures where she looks like Brayden but for sure it's mostly Ryan.

She's 7 months old next Friday and is full of life. Quick stats: weighing at about 16 lbs now, she's just getting to double her birth weight. At the 6 month check up she was in the 90% height and 43% for weight. She was rolling over at 4 months but until the last week or two, was not doing much else. In the last two weeks, she has mastered being on the hands/knees, sitting up, scooting backwards and finally crawling. A ton of physical milestones in such a short amount of time which explains the interrupted sleep that we've seen lately.

I started baby food at 4 months and she seemed to be doing okay after 2-3 weeks. We had peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, oatmeal, green beans, squash...then all of sudden she said "no more, just milk please"...so it was back to nothing but bmilk. We did find out that she had a contact allergy to cinnamon but that seemed to be it. So until 2 weeks ago, she really only had milk with the occasional bowl of oatmeal. Now she wants the food, but not the pureed food I was making. She wants table food, crackers, pancakes, soft sweet pt. chunks, soft carrots, peas, and especially butternut squash with pears. She has decided that pureed food is not for her.

All of this is fine with me, I'm all about giving her whatever food she wants. My only concern is that she doesn't have teeth yet. Both boys cut their first teeth at 5 months, so the fact that she's 7 and has yet to show signs of teething is weird for me. She is actually chewing the foods I give her better than the boys did when they first starting eating table food, but I would feel more comfortable if there were some teeth to help out the process of processing food.

All this new introduction of food is great news for me; as I am no longer the only source of nutrition for her and as much as I believe in breastfeeding, I'm glad it's coming to an end. I started the weaning process around mid December and within another month we should be done. I'm glad that we made it this long without formula, since both boys were completely on formula by 4 months old, but I'm ready to feel normal again. And honestly, it's just a lot to try and continue with the hectic nature of 3 little ones.

I'm still so excited about this beautiful little girl and everything that is yet to come from having her in our lives and around the house. She's got everyone of us wrapped around her little piggies and I don't know that we'll ever be able to break free from her loving grasp and heart warming glances. Her smiles would make your heart skip a beat...and I'm loving every minute.

Gabby and Brayden

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