13 December 2011

Working out with 3

Nitty gritty:

Ryan - worked out ~6 days/week while pregnant until the week before delivery; good eats; gained 40 lbs. Started working out after 6 weeks postpartum. Took 9 months to get pre-baby body back. Just couldn't lose the weight/inches.

Brayden - worked out 4-5 days/week while pregnant until about 1-2 weeks before delivery; good eats; gained 40 lbs. Started working out 2 weeks postpartum. Took 2.5/3 months to get pre-baby body back. I "probably" over did it trying to get back into shape with this one.

Gabby - worked out 3 days/week while pregnant until the day before delivery; good eats; gained 30 lbs. Started working out ~3 weeks postpartum. Weight is down to pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm not as firm as I was before. Hard to know since I was coming off of IM when I got pregnant (being in that shape then getting pregnant sucked).

I'm managing to workout about 4 days/week right now, but it's just "recreational". A spin class here, a short run there with a body pump class sandwiched in there to aid with getting things toned up. I feel pretty good with my average fitness level right now, I just want everything to tighten up. Realistically though, just getting a workout in is a win given schedules around here.

I asked my OB at the last appointment how long it might take for the stomach skin to tighten up and she sort of laughed at me and said "it depends on your genetics, but realistically it won't. You're fighting age now too." WHAT, I'm not old...okay, I'm older (than I was), but I'm not OLD. "You can use the creams on the market but they are just a money making scheme and don't do anything, and a plastic surgeon is probably going to tell you that the risks outweigh the benefits in your case...you've got a flatter tummy than 97% of women out there post baby...you should be happy." Umm, yeah ok.

I figure my athletic goals are basically on "hold" for about 3-4 years right now, things are just too hectic to be aiming for anything other than good aerobic fitness. Now seeing the stages of life from 0-5 years, when Gabby is 3-4 that should be a decent time with the boys being 8 and 6 and more independent. So I'm just settling into this new stage of life...and really it's not so bad, until you talked to my 16 year old competitive self. I wish she would get herself under control.

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