23 June 2010

In the throws

Never did I expect IM training to be like this. "This" is not a bad thing, it's just more than I anticipated. Granted, at the time that I began training I was only working 20 hrs/week...which made training easier to manipulate around. So when I started working full time again right after the early season 1/2 IM, it kinda threw a kink into things.

My time is so consumed now I can't even account from one day to the next. Aside from early morning workouts, lunch workouts, and after work workouts (depending on the day), I get about 3 hours a day that are not spent either getting myself and the boys ready for work/school or getting ready for bed. Typically those hours are spent picking up around the house or throwing laundry into the wash or vegging out on the couch. We don't really put laundry away anymore...we just have a dirty pile and a clean pile. Since the end of April, last weekend was the first time we've swept, mopped, wiped or dusted the house. Sad thing is we didn't have enough time to get to the bathrooms. Needless to say, I only get online maybe once a week now.

I actually met a woman at work today who is training for IM Wisconsin. It was so nice to talk to somebody else who is at the same stage of training as I am and who has done it before. She gave me names of local long group rides, run/swim training nights and wants to get together again to talk about what she went through with her first IM. I'd like hearing the stories and little "ah ha" moments people have...it helps to get me prepared I think. So this lady asked me "how are you feeling with everything right now?" My reply, "I'm tired and hungry". and she said "well then, sounds like you're right on target, your coach is doing it right".

I guess that sums it up...tired and hungry and right where I'm supposed to be. More than I thought it would be but well worth it as far as I can tell for now. The only reason I say that, is that I'm a complete "water head" every time I see one of the televised IMs right now...all teary eyed wondering "how will I react when i finish", "how many times will I want to stop" , but most of all "what will it feel like to be an ironman". I want it so badly, I want that honor.

I don't even think I will begin to comprehend the things I'm learning during training from a physical, mental and even emotional level until September 25th has come and gone. But as my co-worker said today..."that day is a party, celebrating all the hard work and pain you've put in. So just smile and enjoy the fact that you can even try to finish." I'm ready for my party.


Kate Parker said...

Enjoy the party...well, well worth it. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Tired and hungry. That about sums it up!

And yes, crossing the finish line of your first one is awesome. Savor it. :)

Allison Chapple said...

Agree with the two above. The pain and craziness of training and the race itself is WELL worth it at the end. There's no feeling like crossing the finish line of an IM.