18 December 2009

Mish Mash

Tim and I have been going to a TON of holiday gatherings over the last week. First it was our neighborhood, which was great. I finally got to meet everyone that Tim met months ago at the Friday night parties. All in all, it seems like a really great group of people in our neighborhood. We got lucky this time, our last neighborhood was just filled with old, non social and rude, creepy people; not to mention no kids for the boys to play with. It is the exact opposite on all accounts now. YEAH for Crocketts Ridge!!

Then we hosted poker night this week, not really a holiday party but it's rare for us to host and Tim loves to host. He's now got a dedicated room, table, tv and a house big enough to accommodate.

Last night was the FS Series party. They are a local event production company that put on most of the races Tim and I compete in. It was really nice to get out and be social. Speaking for myself, I was proud of me for actually talking to people. Granted I stayed in the same corner and they had to come to my table, they were mostly coming to talk to others at my table but hey, I still joined in the conversations. Usually I'm a stick in the mud and only talk to Tim and one or two other people. We actually won a door prize, comp entry into a duathlon in January. We never win things...maybe our luck is changing...first the new neighborhood now a door prize. What is going on here.

As we were at the party last night, I noticed a woman that I had seen at so many races over the last two years, as a spectator for her husband. I thought she had a familiar face, but I couldn't place her. Last night I noticed that she was pregnant, due January 7th, if I remember correctly. Apparently her and her husband read the blog, so hello to you Dan and Natalie and congratulations on your first child. On the way home, Tim enlightened me that we used to play flag football against Natalie, no wonder I had the familiar feeling. Tim said he felt like crap because anyone that knows him from flag football most definitely does not have a good opinion of him. So for anyone that fits that category, I can honestly tell you that my husband is not that man any more.

Last random thought. I just wanted to clarify that Brayden is not trying to potty train himself yet. He's just trying to imitate Ryan. Which I suppose is better than nothing. But realistically he's just playing right now. I hope he's not as hard to potty train as Ryan simply because he can watch Ryan but let's be honest, little boys just don't train that easily. Seriously, we've been working with Ryan for almost a year and we're still having to play up pooping in the toilet because he'd be fine with sitting in his own filth if left up to him to decide. Maybe 4 is a magic age, temper tantrums and pooping go away...maybe???


Michelle Simmons said...

Gald you've found such a good neighborhood! :)

I hate to tell you this, but my sister-in-law said that 4 was the WORST age for her sons... Terrible Twos'? She said. No way. It was the F'in' Fours. Sorry. Maybe yours will be better? Let's hope!!

BriGaal said...

from one wallflower to another, it was great hanging out with you guys! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and after the new year we'll do some outdoor bike rides.

Unknown said...

It was nice to meet you and Tim the other night! I'm sure we'll see you guys at the races again this year. Thanks for the well wishes, hope you guys have a great holiday.

N.D. said...

the holiday parties sound like fun. I hear potty training is a long, long process.